Panasonic's just-right compact camera

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None of the parts rank as best in class, but the whole adds up to the best choice for many.

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Rob Sparrow says:

Please don’t cry. It’s okay.

PussMag says:

Lori is the best, where is he in the video?

kent vun says:

where is the link to read your full review on cnet???

EWave says:

Selfies really….. Smh

DangDang says:

Just imagine all viewers in our underwear. No need to be nervous.

Jake says:

are you on top of that mic whenever you are talking

Mikko Haavisto says:

I think maybe the mic should be further and with a pop filter in front.

Scott's Speaker and Camera Reviews says:

Can we talk about the camera. I like the zoom but wow you lose a lot of light. Still favor the mark 4.

eddie says:

What's up with the voice?

paul60163 says:

I'd personally never buy another expensive compact camera unless its IP6x 'dust tight' to prevent internal dust on the sensor (dust can be sucked in due to the internal vacuum when zooming out?). At least with a DSLR you can clean the sensor should you ever need to.
And (on some cameras) a big zoom means a tiny sensor? With lots of noise or noise reduction blurring? (A one inch sensor isn't actually all that big, only 13.2 x 8.8 mm, or about 0.52 x 0.35 inches ?)


Price anyone?

123bigred says:

I miss seeing lori!

george aronis says:

Great camera,specs and mini review..Lori is awesome….

Manuel Fuentes says:

cnet seriously needs to put the link to the things they talk about in the description. literally everyone else does that.

jake veillette says:

So what if her voice is shaky? Her review of the camera was solid, she compared the cameras, and she gave her honest opinion? What more do you wan't?

VARIOUS two says:

I'll never understand why everyone is so down on Lori, for my tastes no-one else covers cameras as well as she does.

hmjs13 says:

Great hardware design.

Akshay Panchal says:

why is she crying? ._.

Luke Skeggs-Bennett says:

It sounded like she was nervous to speak

Sagar Mahapatra says:

The voice sounds like one of those "text to speech" sounds.

funnykenji says:

my god the vocal is terrible

Moises Labandero says:

are you crying?

PimpTwzt says:

Omg. Did you actually make a vertical video with a dedicated camera? This has to be a first. Good lord the world is doomed. Damn you smartphones.

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