Panasonic ZS200 (TZ200) Hands-On Field Test

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The Panasonic ZS100 was an extremely popular enthusiast compact, as it offered a large 1″ type sensor and 10X zoom. Now, the update has arrived with a longer 15X zoom, slightly slower aperture and a COMFORTABLE GRIP! Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake take a look to see if this is the best compact superzoom available.

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Shot and edited by Jordan Drake
Shot on the Panasonic GH5


Skull Kid says:

I'm wondering if this could be a good concert camera? I mean ho does it performs in low light?

Joe Framo says:

Thank you for sharing this wonderful camera you're an awesome you are awesome so is the baby

andrew marks says:

This camera is all about the zoom and great video, higher EVF dots, better auto focus….sacrifices a wider Aperture.

Great background music midway through…..#Wesdevine

jhc6608 says:

How would you compare this camera with the Canon G7X Mark II? I saw your other video on the G7X and was pretty much set on that one.

Peter Kemp says:

You said the magic word for me SAFARI, I want to take a camera that will provide decent animal shots, I am not a vloger or take video, just don't want to buy an slr camera. Any other suitable choices I should look at, cheers.

Francesco Quadraruopolo says:

I'm torn between this and the Canon GX7 MKII. Would be cool to see a shoot out, but couldn't find one. Any thoughts on how they compare? I prefer the Canon's form factor, operation etc. but the zs200 seems better on paper. Love your vids!

PhilWittmerFilms says:

JUST CRANK THE SHUTTER FOR VIDEO!! (ok ill stop yelling haha) i should make my own channel ! (love yours!)

Joel Kleiner says:

Thnak you for your review

Draftsman says:

The zs200 is my new run and gun camera and i'm quite happy with it for now. Hopefully no dust will get inside this cam, as with my lx100. Unfortunately this is a serious panasonic illness.

smoguli says:

Be aware that someone reuploaded this entire video on their channel:

Eric Nootebos says:

Making choices in this price area is so difficult. I have a tz70 next to my dslr, but want to upgrade to maybe this.. But there is so much choice now and i don’t know anymore. The more reviews i watch, the more difficult.. hmm.

vito mirr says:

Hey man you're pretty fit to be talking about that technical info while walking backwards and not gassing out. Congrats, happy New Year.

Paul Oberman says:

I wonder if any of the bluetooth shutter switches work with this

tony borg says:

No video showing the zooming incredible bla bla bla

Devon Wroten says:

My biggest pet pieve is when people say "Zed" instead of "Z". >:C

elson de Saantana says:

pior máquina que eu já comprei

Si Wheeler says:

Just found your channel – subscribed 🙂

zenjoks says:

So many words but no info. How it works with low iso? How good video filming and other interesting things…. All about the big zoom…. film video and shake camera little bit to know how good stabilization is, make selfie video walking and other good things. Am shocked for what so many likes? In this video no information….

This wideo is about..
This is the camera and camera have big zoom.
The End

Jeong Sweet says:

내가 좋아하는 리뷰 아저씨 ㅋㅋ

lee gar says:

what is better digic 8 or venus engine thanksss

Douglas Daher says:

Thank man, that is exactly the type of camera I need for my vacation trips.

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