Panasonic S1R vs Sony A7R iii: Ultimate Camera Comparison

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We’re back at it with another camera comparison. This time it’s the Sony A7R iii vs Panasonic S1R! Which one will come out on top? Let’s dive in to see!

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Panasonic S1R
Sony A7Riii

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Stefanie Daniella says:

Sony A7RIII vs Panasonic S1R (Non-OVF No-Mirror "mirrorless-only" electronic view (EVF or LCD) cameras)
Interchangeable Lenses:
▪OEM Mirrorless-Only lenses: Yes (fits only on "native-mirrorless-only" mount OEM camera bodies)
▪Non-OEM non-mirrorless modular lenses: needs 3rd-party adaptor (yes)

▪Mechanical Shutter: Yes (Blackouts normal in electronic view; for stills photography to avoid electronic rolling shutter distortion)
▪Electronic Shutter: Yes (uses video-style electronic rolling shutter to capture full-rez stills frames); may diminish preview blackouts (only, if electronic view has higher refresh framerate: Sony A9 so far)

Live-Pre-View re-focus: auto vs manual
Autofocus: OKAY with live exposure preview (widest-apertures-only) DISABLED) = BOTH: Sony + Panasonic (+Nikon Z7)
▪Exposure Preview: UNAVAILABLE
Autofocus: POOR (with live exposure preview (capture apertures stop-down) ENABLED) = BOTH: Sony (+Nikon Z7)
▪Exposure Preview: AVAILABLE
Autofocus: UNAVAILABLE (with live exposure preview (capture apertures stop-down) ENABLED) = Panasonic
▪Exposure Preview: AVAILABLE
Manual Focus: ONLY (with live exposure preview (capture apertures stop-down) ENABLED) = Panasonic (for stills)
Exposure (capture aperture only stop-down type) Preview: AVAILABLE (capture apertures stop-down also norm for video capture, too) = all mfrs
Manual Focus Assist: Peaking-Only (No Focus Guides)
Autofocus assistance: subject follow method only (during live-preview); with shutter blackout interference: YES (slows down; gets lost or lags or mis-refocus)

Parfocal Autofocus Zoom OEM Lenses: UNAVAILABLE (Rare to None)
Varifocal Auto-Re-Focus Zoom OEM Lenses: AVAILABLE (Common)

Aperture ExpSIM Live-PreView: UNAVAILABLE (Canon Exclusive)
Aperture ExpSIM Live-PreView Optimal Autofocus (Canon Exclusive): Autofocus F1-F11+ (Aperture ExpSIM F1-F99) especially, for stills
High-Speed Live-REVIEW: UNAVAILABLE (Canon Exclusive)
High-Speed Full-Live-View RAW: UNAVAILABLE (Canon Exclusive)
High-Speed Full-Live-View OEM Lenses: UNAVAILABLE (Canon Exclusive)

Canon Exclusive Blackout-Free EVF/LCD Full-Live-View AF:
▪BOTH Live-PRE-VIEW and High-Speed Live-REVIEW (synchronized) with Fast Accurate AF during Mechanical shutter high continuous stills shooting: UNAVAILABLE = (Sony A7RIII + Panasonic S1R (+ Nikon Z7), etc)

■□■□■□■: EVF BLACKOUT MILCs: mirrorless-only ILCs (no OVF = no zero-lag "optical NOW vision"; get optical dot-sight = optional)
■□■□■□■: EVF Blackouts during Full mechanical shutter stills shooting: YES (Sony OEM Lens on FF Sony A7RIII) = Normal
■□■□■□■: EVF Blackouts during Full mechanical shutter stills shooting: YES (Panasonic OEM Lens on FF Panasonic S1R) = Normal
■□■□■□■: EVF Blackouts during Full mechanical shutter stills shooting: YES (Nikon OEM Lens on FF Nikon Z7) = Normal
EVF (Blackout-Free) during Full mechanical shutter stills shooting: YES (Canon OEM Full-Live-View RF Lenses on FF EOS R+RP)

lots to choices to choose from!

Didier Delobel says:

In Canada, there is an important difference in price between those two cameras… ($1800 CDN)!!!

Harry burnett says:

Is these pros doing reviews ? If so I wouldn't hire them , yikes please learn cameras and shooting first

Sepehr Hossein Nejadi says:

The s1r colors are really good

Phil Indeblanc says:

which one is it that you take a shot, and then can change settins right away? I hate the Sony speed on that. Is the Pan better with memory handling?

Noealz Photo says:

love the enthusiasm in your videos

El Guapo says:

Nice review. I think when it comes to color, the lens plays a part. I found Leica lenses go nicely with the Sony a7RIII. What do you guys think ?

shaolin95 says:

You guys need to learn about cameras before doing such horrible comparisons and ridiculous statements. The colors on the Sony are closer to reality so don't let your personal bias confuse things. Also the Sony is cleaner in high iso while the Panasonic is always a bit under exposed Ala Fuji cheating but of course… you noticed that, right??if only youtube stopped recommending this channel….

shaolin95 says:

The evf in the Sony is not super clear?????? Go to a freakin eye doctor before making such stupid comments

David Timber says:

Neither of these is up to snuff for where we should be in the offerings. When Canon was on on roll with the 5D MK III, everything since seems to be a mediocre effort of strengths and weaknesses, Canon included.

Juan Lopez says:

Is this a re-uploaded error! Oh R PowerPoint

Spec-Productions says:

When wearing good quality headphones, the sound effect on the many of the wipe-type transitions gets to the point of punishing. My guess is you don't want your viewers starting to flinch at video transitions. Hopefully if you find it necessary to keep using them, you can reduce the audio level by about 80%. On a positive note, one thing I do enjoy about your reviews, is that you don't waste time getting to the image comparisons. For that, much appreciated. As for the cameras, for what the A7r III can be purchased for at certain times of year (below $2500) it looks quite good; unbeatable for the price. I just picked up an EOS R from an authorized Canon dealer for $1800 (and it's currently available for less grey market ) . Point is, price really comes into play, and while I'm really rooting for Panasonic's offerings, the cost of acquisition makes it a non-starter. They needed to pull an A7 III move to get in the game; i.e., over-deliver on the camera (which was pretty much accomplished) and then, release it at a price point that made jaws drop (as what happened with the A7 III). As for the EOS R, there was no way I was willing to pay $2300 when the A7 3 was available for hundreds less, and in some respects, was a better performer. It didn't take long for the street price on the R to plummet. Hopefully the street price of the S1 and S1r will fall in line with their Sony and Canon counterparts, and the market will reward Panasonic for their efforts.

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