Panasonic S1H review: Netflix video quality comes to mirrorless cameras

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The day that it came out, Panasonic’s S1H shot to the top of filmmakers’ lists of must-have mirrorless cameras for video. The GH5 was already a hugely popular camera among vloggers and videographers, and the S1H is much like that model, on steroids. It has a dual-ISO, 24.2-megapixel full-frame sensor that lets you shoot 60 fps, 4K and even 6K video. Better still, it recently became the first ever mirrorless camera approved for Netflix productions.

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Saint Kriss says:

I've been contemplating for the past few days which camera to get. This video hopefully hasn't sold me dreams. Adds to cart

David Rider says:

I enjoyed watching this

Jacob's Aquarium says:

I've been filming and uploading videos with many different cameras throughout the years I've been on YouTube. I've used consumer camcorders, DSLR's, high end professional cameras and more but about two years ago I started using my iPhone as my dedicated YouTube camera. It wasn't an easy choice but I decided I was going to wait till something really game changing came out before I ever considered buying a new camera. Recently I've become increasingly frustrated with my iPhone's limitations and its been a while since I owned a new camera, so I decided to start looking for a new one, I looked at traditional camcorders, DSLR's and mirrorless cameras only to be disappointed with everything I was seeing. My thing is, if its not good in low light, I don't want it and with low light capability being one of the biggest struggles for A LOT of cameras out there, it seemed impossible that I was ever going to find something worth buying. Then……I found the S1H. Yes it is expensive but through my research, its literally the only camera that justifies the price. Even traditional camcorders that cost almost double of the S1H don't come close. A lot of expensive DSLR's and mirrorless cameras don't either. I have to admit I did consider making a couple sacrifices and going with a cheaper camera, but I always ended up back at the S1H. Its HIGHLY future proof and is everything any YouTuber could ever need for the life of their channel. Needless to say, it'll be delivered soon and I can't wait to get going with it. Its going to tremendously upgrade the quality of my content. For everyone out there complaining about the price, do some research and you'll see that its actually very reasonable and considering all the features it offers, a great deal.

Jamie Detwiler says:

Planning on picking up this camera and the L mount Sigma lenses fo my own personal projects. I use the GH5 & GH5s for corporate work, and I am completely sold on the stabilized sensor and 10 bit video.

Jake G says:

Well the camera I want. Dont even need 5k as 4k is plenty enough. But if its not less than 2 grand then it's way out my price range. If Sony or Nikon stopped trippin over their own feet. God wtf happened to Sony. The 6400 was supposed to be this.

Arlo Jeremy says:

Is that already a speck of white dust on the sensor??? O.o

Andru Edwards says:

I upgraded to the Panasonic S1H 2 weeks ago, up from a GH5. I’m surprised how easy the camera is to use and learn – this is the best camera I’ve ever used!

Gerald Nordahl says:

I am a blind flat earther so this camera won't work for me.

Warathanut S. says:

This mirrorless camera sucks at AF. WTF!!

ricky v says:

For the first time in a while. I am really excited for a camera body. (:

Catalin Apostol says:

Nice clip, I like the colors and the hens in the background. Also, in the beginning there is a piece of dust on the sensor.

auroraflash says:

Man oh man, the thing costs 4 grand…

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