Panasonic S1H ProRes Raw Review

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ProRes Raw is finally here for the Panasonic S1H. Find out why Jordan says ‘This is absolutely my favorite image from any of the cameras I’ve got right now…’ But ProRes Raw has some tradeoffs as well. Watch to learn more.

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Str8poisin tv says:

the shots look like a camcorder idk but the image looks too sharp or something….thos is gonna take some getting use to

Jonathan Grijalva says:

Problem is with final cut. As others have stated look into Assimilate Scratch where you have full Raw flexibility. Final cut wants to do all the work for you, like any other Apple product 😞

Try M says:

Will your favorite camera get replaced soon?

twistingstrings says:

Grass is green, sky is blue and water too, Prores raw, I thank you

twistingstrings says:

Colors seem to be not brown so much.. That wooden color tint is reduced. But still something is a little wrong.

Super Song says:

can you make a comprehensive comparison between Sony a7siii, Canon r5/r6 and Panasonic s1h/s1 cameras today? At least in mirrorless video world panasonic was pretty much unparalleled until just a month ago, but how much do new-comers challenge their cameras and are they still worth buy now? What would be trade-offs and such?

Your reviews are amazing and many thanks in advance for any response from you or anyone else!!!

Roman Brocko says:

What are recommended HDMI cables for 5.9K RAW to use with Ninja V? I have 5 different ones and non of them works properly.

Tomasz Brodecki says:

Thanks for the video, what's up with the short shutter and sensor dust on the sky?

Jim Bean says:

Jordan – you are the best! @CameraConspiracies told me so! Thank you for this. Chris, um you, too.

Jaime Almeida says:

Support and free upgrades is what makes a company stand out.

Brian Cullen says:

AVID is awful to deal with, the worst customer service I have ever had in IT. I'm still waiting for my email to be answered even after paying for the service.


Way too much faffing about and over-complicated workflow for shooting and editing video.

IM HO says:

Nice. Thanks DPReview team! Exactly the info I was looking for.
As usual, great job.

Dennis Schmitz says:

It's kinda telling that third party programs such as Assimilate Scratch get ProRes RAW right but FCPX doesn't…


Has to be some of the best image quality I’ve seen on this channel

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