Panasonic S1 Review After 10 Months!

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Is the Panasonic S1 worth picking up vs a similar Canon, Sony or Nikon camera? I give you 3 reasons to buy the camera and 3 reasons to avoid.
My Panasonic S1 Guide:

Panasonic S1 Camera

3 Reasons to get an S1:
1) Great image quality
2) Fantastic build quality and functionality
3) Stabilization is amazing

3 Reasons to skip the S1:
1) Video auto focus isn’t as good as competition.
2) No flip out screen and very heavy
3) Expensive compared to other cameras

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DSLR Video Shooter says:

Hello folks! Good to be back (sick for the last 3 weeks). I'll post the link to the rig breakdown soon!

Bill Robaire says:

You know one thing that still baffles me all these years is the fact that Panasonic has not embraced phase detection in their cameras.
They know damn well that they have gone as far as they can with DFT tech and that by adding phase detection, it would not only make us happier, but it would boost their sales tremendously. Even Olympus has joined the bandwagon.
I've always had a suspicion that the Japanese camera manufacturers
are in some kind of agreement that stipulates that no-one company
can market a camera that has all the features that we videographers
ask for. Am still hoping that the a7lll could be that camera.

Luca Bono says:
Here is an example of 4k 10bit video quality with a model.

Another great thing of the S1 is the 1080p video quality….it's just so good!
The 4K looks a little bit too sharp even with a black pro mist 1/8, for my eyes.

Agent Fitz says:

Your B roll is gangster- keep it up! I really wanted to like the S1 but the DFD killed it for me. I am already a Panasonic shooter so I had high hopes when it was announced. Fast forward I got the A7iii instead and I haven't looked back. I still use a Panny as well. At this point put phase detect in any Panasonic camera I would buy in a heartbeat since I really enjoy their products.

ntwk man says:

I got my S1 used for a wicked deal. Upgrading from the Canon 60D anything would've blown me out of the water but I'm all about the S1. Being able to change the buttons to do pretty much anything else is really handy. For example, as someone who does more photos than video sometimes I need to take a video quick, faster than switching modes composing again and recording. I cannot reach the rear record button while in the EVF and taking shots, it's just too far away, so I mapped the front lower function button to record video – it makes the process seamless and I don't have to reposition or move any fingers; just press my ring finger down. I also enjoy the big heaviness to this camera. For pros, well you hit the main ones in the video so I won't repeat them. The 6k photo mode is very useful, the focus stacking feature is neat but falls short to real focus stacks.

For others I do have a few additional cons: First of all, the photo and video modes on the dials share picture profile settings, so when you're shooting photos in flat and move to video it will also be in the flat mode. You'll have to set vlog manually. After you're done filming and move back to photo mode you'll be in vlog still, and have to switch to flat (or you can choose to do both in vlog). Because of this my C1 C2 and C3 presets are all video presets (4K 24, 4K 24 Super35, 1080 30 Pixel|Pixel – another YouTuber showed this setup, I forget his name, but it works perfectly to get different FOVs out of primes) and I rarely use the video dial option. Also, the two different card slot types drives me a little crazy, but at least there are two.

I do wish that Panasonic would blur the product line just a tad and give the S1 anamorphic des-queeze. That's the one feature from the 60D (with ML) that this upgrade no longer covers for me.

Also, for what it's worth, everyone I know who uses DSLRs likes the S1's weight and ergonomics and everyone who uses a smaller mirrorless instantly says "too heavy" and puts it right down. I find that kinda funny, but I'd suggest going to a store and feeling the weight if you're considering any of the S series.

COPiX says:

What are your thoughts on the S1 vs the GH5s?

Hawaii RealMedia says:

Do you use e-stabilization much? And the I.S. boost? I have seen reviewers who say, "Don't use it, but from your sample shot, it looks fine to me. "What is the downside?

Hawaii RealMedia says:

Thanks for justifying my purchase 😉 This is pretty much my favorite review channel. You always discuss the things that are important to me.

Nicolas Meilleur says:

Do you think it's wise to shoot in VLOG at night? Or should I go with a different profile?

James Matthews says:

Amazing review Kaleb. Thanks for the hard work 👊🏻

Nate's Film Tutorials says:

I got the S1 a few weeks back! Such a joy to use! With USB-C charging I don't even take out the battery, simply plug it in at the end of a shoot. I've gotten used to no flip out screen. Don't need it when behind camera and I can plug in a monitor if filming myself, I prefer vlogging without a screen in the way. Autofocus is perfectly usable for youtube content again if I'm behind camera I generally don't need it.

Sigma's MC21 adapter kinda sucks. When using the Sigma 18-35mm It switches to APSC mode and you cant switch to Full Frame. From 24-35mm that lens covers full frame, its a shame I cant switch back.

Great video Caleb!

Anthony Ruiz says:

Like I have money and three canon cameras but how the hell can u afford all your gear!!!! What do you do for a living besides YouTube


I love how YOUR voice is calm and asmr-ish compared to all YouTubers yelling out loud


what that shirt should say is "i prefer my stops full" hehe

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