Panasonic Lumix ZS60 Camera Review

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Trapster says:

how long does it shoots 4k video for?

Nomadic Dmitry says:

Just got it used for 170$. Perfect camera and cheap too 🙂

Nick Minnis says:

ZS60 or the Canon G9X II?

sid saunders says:

Panasonic Lumix compact cameras

GuppyPal says:

I've been trying to decide between this and Sony's rx100III. The latter is clearly the more powerful camera, but the ZS60 has so much more zoom, something I use quite a bit… Saving a couple hundred bucks would be nice too… Thanks for the review.

jake smith says:

have you ever recorded anything that was loud? like a rock band?

Nicholas Therriault says:

I ove my camera

Mylene Tom says:

A little help, how do you set camera to RAW processing?

Brian Rodriguez says:

Hey, I'm new to the photography world you've opened up my eyes to see that the zs50 could be a viable more affordable option for me since money is very tight at the moment I don't necessarily need to rely on the zoom feature since most I'll be taking pictures of portraits and point and shoot while I'm out at the beach or camping in upstate ny but the 4k option does seem kinda necessary does the zs50 take pictures and video in 4k aswell? thanks a reply soon would be helpful as I'm looking to buy before the end of this month

sharevideo122563 says:

I can't get the flash to turn on in all modes except the C mode. I read something about you can't use flash in 4Kburst mode. How do I turn this off or what am I missing. I cannot turn flash on in any mode except the C mode. Can anyone help me?

Tony Borja says:

Excellent work, thanks

kkgen says:

how big are 4k images? if file size is big, you need bigger SD card.

mrk107 says:

eh, get the sx720 hs canon camera.

BlueSmokeGamer says:

Great little camera, but i ended up shelling at the extra 250 for the
ZS100. Although if you don't need the low light performance, this is
also a good option.

WolfoxBenny says:

2:27 one of the fails and reality of this product. Flash position!!!

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