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PANASONIC LUMIX TZ90 LONG TERM REVIEW. After using the TZ90 for around 5months I decided to make a long term update review and compare it to my other “go-to” camera the iPHONE XS Max

Amazon link to TZ90:

Original TZ90 review:


mikecar52 says:

The iphone did a great job too. I will not as a matter of principle buy anything apple but your video pointed out that a smartphone is near enough for video. Enjoyed the video a lot. Thanks

Leo Bülow says:

Hej! Bra review, skulle du rekommendera denna framför TZ100? 🙂

kernowarty says:

I had a TZ70 and found that when the long zoom lens retracted it sucked dust into the camera. I got dust specks on the sensor.

Mark Scott says:

People won’t use this for stills and will use a smartphone? Sorry don’t agree. Review lost credibility at that point.

ifanipr says:

Hey someone reuploaded ur video

green genie says:

Why the mindless intrusive music? Ever heard of just clear information?

SAM RAM says:

I love the LUMIX line of cameras. Always so much bang for the buck. great work SAM

Sara MKBH Ramadan says:

Nice comparing, good work 👍🏼

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