Panasonic Lumix TZ90 4K Compact Cam Hands-On and GIVEAWAY!

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Piggy Piano says:

It is 4k, and Ultra HD and 4k mean the same thing.

Theo Smith says:

Great video! Was just wondering, what type of power bank do you have? And is this able to charge the camera?

Rickm2711 _ says:

Why are my pictures all blurry??

FYI - For Your Inspiration says:

What alternatives with possibility to add external mic would you recommend?

Jack Lim says:

What a wonderful color at video!

DividSkii says:

In my opinion the mic is pretty good any ways tho

wiltord_matusk nark says:

Is tz70 better than Tz90 ? in image quality ? And overall ?

Dave Massey says:

Thanks, I was having some difficulty with manual mode functions , but its new and I'm still exploring the camera

Kevin Davis says:

Very nice video, thanks.

123PameNET says:

Hello. I have 2 questions.
1)If I dont need the "selfie view" is it worth the 100eur difference from TZ80?
2)Is there a newest model after TZ90?

Thank you

Soulhercules117 says:

How is this compared to the gx800/850

andi bdg says:

Its 24-720 mm equivalent for optical zoom. Not 24-1000.

Ajarn Spencer says:

i need to get super close up macros of small amulets to get 1. the details of the amulet and 2. even closer microscopic views of the grains and textures of the sacred clay used within the amulets. Can this camera do that? What is the best for me under 1000$ to take pics of a fly's head for example?

Penn Wooding says:

I bought this camera last year but haven't really used it that much. You said in this video that it doesn't come with any kind of charger. I'm sure that I plugged mind into the mains at some stage to charge but I could be mistaken. As anyone else bought this camera that has had a mains charger included or do you have to plug it into the computer to charge?

ashwin dharmik says:

I never experienced a camera in my life, I always used my phone camera

Jim Hubel says:

I bought this camera just to shoot concerts. I've been very impressed with it. With just a few second breaks every 15 minutes I shot in 4k for well over an hour without any over heating issues. Here's a clip from the first concert I shot with it. Since then I've turned off the continuous auto-focus, and been much happier.

Blakehx says:

Nice camera, I loved my Lumix until it broke! They're a bit pricey but overall a good value! Thanks

Asgor Reidaa says:

Good review. Thanks a lot.

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