Panasonic Lumix TZ220/TZ200/ZS200/ZS220 Review by Georges Cameras

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The Panasonic Lumix TZ220 (+ it’s many other names) is a welcome upgrade from the amazing TZ110. Andrew puts it through it’s paces in our latest review.

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Liz W says:

Great review. Showed me many things that can be done with the camera. Macro looks amazing! Wish it had an articulating screen but, not to be. I love the ZS100 but decided to upgrade to this one despite losing a bit of light in the lens.

John Wick says:

What about the low light performance?

Mark Riley says:

Excellent video and seeing the camera in use and your immediate observations on it! Really good to see a real world review by an experienced photographer. I think it's an excellent option for many, not just for travel, but as a second, or even primary, camera for enthusiasts who simply want to have fun and not be weighed down with lenses/bodies etc! Besides, the one inch sensors seem to be fine and work very well. IQ is always very subjective anyway. But kudos to Panasonic for their cameras and innovation. I think that all the disadvantages of the slower lens, maybe also not perfect IQ at longer focal lengths and low light challenges are outweighed by the sheer fun and enjoyment of a pick up and go camera like this. Anyway, it will be a good learning tool to use and defy critics by using the camera and challenging yourself to produce great results! And sometimes it pays to have a discrete, compact camera, especially when travelling! Something you might worry about in North Korea for example!!

vjekan says:

Great review! Is the Sony RX100 mark 7 worth the premium price difference considering the performance? In Croatia, the mark 7 Sony is double the price of the Panasonic and since I'm an amateur photographer and use everything in Auto 90% of the time, would the Panasonic be ok for my needs?

Grant Brown says:

so, good video; consider not having too many shots of you just taking a shot where we don't really learn anything and are just having to watch you shoot.


Just bought one for A$800 ! Competition works. Nobody in their right mind would pay A$1200.

Addie AV says:

Is it good for family use?

Richard Walshe says:

How’s it at night taking phots

Juan Carlos Lopez says:

Nice review. Thank you! I have the Leica C-Lux. And as you say, "no shake whatsoever". The viewfinder is amazing. Not to mention the insane zoom. Excellent Leica optics. I believe it brings the best of both works. Japanese & German technology. And the EVF is wondeful. I am nearsighted and I adjusted it for me. Perfect!

John Quak says:

I can't work out how to crop a photo and save the cropped photo as another photo ????

jackoch says:

sydney love <3

Lucky Never says:

pretty soft and slow lens
for $500 it maybe a buy…but $1200 is so ridiculous lol


How is it in low light?

Kennie MusicLovers says:

what is the price ?

Anuj Haribhakti says:

When will this camera be available in Australia? And where?

Sam Sarg Dong says:

Perhaps, one of the most convincing reviews I've seen about the Panasonic TZ 200.Something missing?Maybe,some night shots. Bye!

Peter Scrace says:

Just purchased TZ110 for $600 brand new, TZ220 is slightly better BUT not double the price better, either way both are excellent.

Gayantha Vitharanage says:

•Can we disable the auto-retracting of the lens? Cause when we do a stop motion, it's really annoying that the lens keeping
retracting into the body while we are reviewing the shot.
•Can we assign anything to function buttons?; like shutter speed, ISO and aperture?
•Can we shoot movies with the manual settings?; do the settings (like f 4.6, 1/60 S, 200 ISO) we set in, say, manual mode,
apply to the movie we shoot as well?

OnlyEverNam993 says:

when will the brand consider putting some form of sealing against dust, water to the this kind of compact camera?

Mitch Mc says:

Great Review Guys!

Hien C says:

shoot in 4k bro

rabe85 says:

TZ202 is another name (germany only?) 😉

Emsye says:

“Huge” one inch sensor. Lol.
One inch sensors are the definition of tiny, they call them one inch to sound impressive but they’re usually 9×12 millimeters. They’re slightly larger than a phone sensor but significantly smaller than an SLR or pro mirrorless sensor which leads to a ton of drawbacks, a “one inch” sensor is even significantly smaller than micro four thirds.

oliver mia says:

Not sure if missed it.. What’s the sensor size and does it have raw?

Muhammad Ahmed says:

0:23 excitement dance

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