Panasonic Lumix TZ110/ZS110/TZ100 Review – The ideal travel compact camera?

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Panasonic’s Lumix TZ110 goes by two other names outside of Australia – ZS110 and TZ100. Wherever you are, it’s a comprehensive compact camera. I took it on holidays to Singapore and Malaysia.

See my full size test photos (/holiday photos) on Flickr here:[email protected]/albums/72157690683856831

Check out the full review here:

Keen to buy a Lumix TZ110 (or whatever it’s called in your country)?

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John McNally says:

Great Review.

John McNally says:

Buying this today at £449.00 + £100. 00 Cash Back – So I Get This Great Little Compact For £349.00 (I Have A Old Lumix TZ 40)

Karin Johnstone says:

Hi Erin. How do you underexpose​ by one stop if you set a camera like the TZ100 on AI mode? Thanks

Yltenheimer says:

Thx, Erin. Good vlog job. I am buying this cam tomorrow for my holiday. Tired of hauling DSLR along everywhere.

Distant Light Productions says:

Great review. I travelled to London and Paris. I could have taken my Canon 1dx with the family of lenses but I opted to take the TZ-110. I shot bucketloads of photos and 4K video. This camera is one amazing little powerhouse. I am so glad I left the 1DX at home as having a smaller camera let me enjoy the trip and not worry about security and handling. No lens changes, lived in my jacket pocket and was ready to shoot everytime. The USB charge was perfect as I kept a small power brick with me that kept it topped up if need be. The 4K video is very high quality and most acceptable for home movies or even grabbing some stock footage if the chance arises. I highly recommend this camera.

Mohsin Khan says:

how much is the price of lumics;

Henry Partridge says:

Good review but spoilt by the distracting background music

Alucard Hellsing says:

The different numbers are because of different countries legislation regarding electronic equipment.

Uip Penang says:

Do you notice that image at the center become bigger than normal. I comparing with my 25mm f1.4 m43 lens and 28 mm f2 FF lens

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