Panasonic Lumix S1 Digital Camera Review in Rome, Italy

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titaniumslug says:

On the S1 videos shot inside the coliseum whas the focus set to auto or manual?

MrPhotoBlitz says:

The fact that you were shooting in Rome immediately attracted my attention. Excellent shots!

I think the only point you didn't mention is that the S1 can shoot video in low light like the Panasonic GH5s but with IS. Another reviewer compared it with both the GH5 and the GH5s and the S1 gave you one more stop than the GH5S and the same colors as the 5S which are a little different than the GH5. Of course, the GH5 and GH5s are lens compatible and much less expensive.

Simon D Yates says:

Based on the back and forth hunting, I'd suggest the camera being use is one with a Contrast-based AF. Please tell me it is not the new S1. You can really notice the hunting in the scene with the bridge.

Victor Colon says:

You need a new recording camera. The whole video is almost always out of focus.

Gordon Johnston says:

That background music is my only complaint!

Raitzi says:

S1R has one benefit of vs S1 in video. Crop is only 1.09 vs 1.5 with S1 for 4k.

Planeta Tierra says:

What camera is the video shot with? The focus remains behind the presenter… buildings, people around.

Mic Warmington says:

sorry to be so trite but what's the cool shoulder bag you had ?

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