Panasonic Lumix LX100 Review

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Lisa Gade reviews the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 advanced compact camera, also sold as the Leica D-LUX (Typ 109). You can read our full written review and see sample photos here: . This camera competes with the Sony RX100, Canon PowerShot G7X / G1X mk II and even compact ILC Micro Four Thirds cameras. It has a 16MP Micro Four Thirds sensor that’s cropped to 12.8MP to allow for different selectable aspect ratios (about 1.5x larger than a 1” sensor). The LX100 has a fast and sharp Leica 24-75mm f/1.7-2.8 zoom lens for improved depth of field compared to most compact cameras. It has an EVF, 3” LCD, hot shoe with included accessory flash, OIS and it can shoot 4K video. It has micro HDMI and micro USB ports but no mic or headphone jack. It has full manual controls in addition to auto mode, and great ergonomics that will please advanced dSLR shooters. It’s geared more towards the serious photographer rather than the point and shoot crowd, though it takes excellent photos in auto mode.


John Taylor says:

The L doesn't mean Leica, and the colours and processing of the image are totally different on the Leica version…… Same, but different.

Eva-Kristin says:

Thank you for a great review! I just bought a pre owned LX 100 as a complement for my full frame canon and can't wait to bring it with me everywhere I go.

E Miff says:

I've only just found this video (2018) I know that this video is now 3 years old but the LX100 is stunning, I've been searching for a retro styled camera for a long time, I miss the 35mm film days and this camera gives me the same control that I had with my film camera's. I've only just bought the camera (£500 in the UK) I just love the camera and the results I'm getting are excellent. I have a friend who bought the Leica Dlux 109 a couple of years ago and he constantly rubbed my nose in it because he had a Leica. He's not so happy now because my lovely LX100 is apart from a few body changes exactly the same as his Leica but cost over £350 less. Thank you for this video, it is excellent.

Douglas says:

I think its a Leica

David Waltman says:

Great review. Straight to the point. Thank you

Sherlock says:

sure i have severe retardation but this is the worst review ever

KutWrite says:

Lisa, thanks for a good review! Nice nails, too.

I have a Canon S95 & want to upgrade. I used to be a pro photographer, but now just a thorough one.

I have the feeling the LX10 would be a better upgrade for the S95. This camera seems to want to be an all-in-one. I think I'll have two cameras, a "serious" one and "always handy" one. I don't want a "smart" phone, either.

So, maybe the LX10 or new Canon G1 Mk iii and a Panasonic GX8?

We'll see. For me, shopping and comparing is fun. I'm on "Retired Standard Time," too!

Yigal Barkan says:

hey Lisa, I just watched this two years later, looking for an advanced compact. I already decided on the LX100 (between it, Canon G5x, and Sony RX100 m3 & m4), but this thorough review really assured me that's the right choice for me. now it's even cheaper so you get real great bang for yout buck. thanks!

Robert Gay says:

Is it silent mode, will it stop down for night shots and is it worth the cash for street work?

Stephen Milner says:

Great review, thanks?

Anna Vandecasteele says:

Is it good for night photography?

M7CVZ says:

Audio seems a little strange?

Frevell says:

you can change lens with this camera right?

Jessie47 Silver says:

does the lens always sticks out when it's on?

Vladimír Vondráček says:

Thank you very much. This video was really helpfull for me!

OhMyBooda says:

This seems extremely pointless to me. At that size just get a micro 4/3. Sony still pocket king because TRULY pocketable.

BubblesPothowari says:

LX100 has "24mm" lens. Page 194 manual says, at 4K, it shoots narrow.
What is the focal length when it shoots HD & 4K videos. Thank you,

poikatiikeri says:

Great shots at the end of the video! Really sad that this camera doesn't have a tilt-screen and selfie mode for traveling.

Fred Hoffman says:

great video .. I am currently shooting the Nikon 7000 and Nikon 5200 .. I do a lot of videos also and need to have a camera I can carry on short runs in my pocket when the larger cameras are not available. The price point should be under $500 if possible. I do not mind buying refurbished or used in excellent condition.

David Lewin says:

Stop gabbling woman! You clearly know your way around the equipment but your delivery is awful. Your sentences just meld into each other and the rise and fall in the tone of your voice bears no relation to the sentence structure. Try pausing once in a while. I was interested in what you had to say but simply couldn't listen to you for more than a couple of minutes. With respect.

Stephen Curran says:

LX100 or the GX80 with the 12-32 f3.5-5.6 kit lens? GX80 is 80 Euro more expensive

Helena says:

what good quality and small cameras that has a 'flip' screen can i use? I like the lx100 but if it had a flip screen for the front ( the Lens side ) I would be my camera that I would want.

Rediscover Film says:

That 16-50mm PZ lens is indeed bad.

Ralph Miranda says:

Oh crap! This has been the most thorough and professional [any camera] review I've watched during my hunt for a new camera. Thank you.

Samuel T. Logan says:

Very good review. In the future, I'd love to see autofocus with a specific area in mind. With the wide area focusing mode the camera just picks something, but I'd like to see it pick what you are aiming for and how fast that happens.

JD Visuals says:

How is it in low light?

Johann Lopez says:

Should i get this (lx 100) or the panasonic tz 100?

TheWiseOldChinaman says:

Thanks for the great review … just curious whether you have tried any other Lumix models before you decided to go with the LX100 such as the DMC-ZS60?

Montana says:

I watch many reviews on cameras and you are one of my favorites. I'm downsizing right now, finally faced reality about schlepping around DSLR bags with $15,000.00 worth of equipment. D3, it's been fun with your holy trinity but in this day and age I can't wear a poster for all the thugs that says Mug-Me. All I ever wanted in 45 yrs of photos was Leica Pop and BW and says display me. Of course without paying the 2-5G service fee for the red dot.  I do love full frame however. might go with the new Fuji and some Zeiss lenses and dang these guys for taking away flip screen which I was totally excited to incorporate into street photos.

Cielo Cruz says:

I'm really torn can someone please help me what's better a Sony a6000 or the lumix lx100?

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