Panasonic Lumix LF1 Compact Camera First Look Video

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Panasonic Lumix LF1 Compact Camera First Look Video


The Panasonic LUMIX DMC LF1 is the latest addition in the company’s high-end compact range. Designed for enthusiasts looking for a smaller camera boasting an impressive specification, the Panasonic LUMIX DMC LF1 features a 12.1MP MOS sensor and delivers a 80-12,800 ISO range.

The all-new LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMICRON lens on the new Panasonic Lumix LF1 features a 7.1x optical zoom and a f/2-5.9 variable aperture across its zoom range. Equivalent to 28-200mm, the camera’s Venus Engine has also been developed to further enhance performance and image quality by working in tandem with Panasonic’s latest noise reduction and edge smoothing technology.

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igetsmart says:

love the viewfinder ! hope other manufactures will follow suit. I also like the 7x zoom. But for $500 it is hard to not just spend $250 more and get the Sony RX100 MII with a much much larger sensor and faster lens at F1.8-4.9 and tilt LCD and flash shoe. I think the IQ and low light perf. on Sony RX100 MII is worth it as both about the same nice size. If only RX100 MII had the built in viewfinder and 7x 🙂 but a nice new camera from Panasonic – but they do need to move into larger sensor.

Erick Dabandan says:

For years people have always the LX series to the Canon S series. I think this is the new competition to the canon. In my opinion this is a much better choice.

igetsmart says:

must be nice that you can buy a Sony RX1 or Leica M9 – but there are others out there that do not have that kind of money and the LF1 is aimed at them – I suspect LF1 will not be a hit as Canon owns a large part of the point and shoot market and the LF1 is not cute for women as a main customer 🙂 but no small point and shoot from Canon in that size has a viewfinder – I think Panasonic is gaining market share – LF1 not crap – but for folks on a budget

igetsmart says:

will not be able to compete with Sony RX100 MII – but LF1 is much cheaper so not a fair comparison. I think the LF1 is a pretty decent camera for the money and a viewfinder for those really sunny bright days is a nice feature. LF1 is marketed for a budget minded folks and is a good choice. Comment said below "no market for this crap" well not everyone has as much money as that person and yes the small Leica's are just Panasonic's with a red dot

Steven Ichikawa says:

i agree the size is pretty small but honestly i use the VF on my old 35mm p&s cameras religiously and they're not any bigger. maybe its a personal thing for me but i find my framing to be a lot sloppier if i try to use the LCD 🙂 im glad they offer a built in EVF though as opposed to offering the clunky one you would buy separately.

Kevin van den says:

I love my x100 for that same reason (especially the hybrid vf).. But I don't know.. This camera is pretty small. I think it would be more comfortable to use with the lcd screen..

Steven Ichikawa says:

i will disagree. an EVF is in high demand for prosumers. look at the main complaints for the leica x2 and such.. no built in EVF. i know people who specifically went with fuji for the EVF in their x100 (myself included). look at the custom functions and the manual controls available.. this wasnt made for beginners in mind imo.

Ronaldo Roda says:

no market for this crap

Kevin van den says:

Why is there an EVF.. Nobody will use it! It could have been a cheaper camera, offering you more than 250 shots/battery charge.

kolo says:

I was hoping for a MFT camera! But nooo~

Amateur Photographer TV says:

Panasonic Lumix LF1 First Look Video

The #Panasonic   #Lumix  DMC-LF1 is the latest addition in the company's high-end #compactcameras  range. Designed for enthusiasts looking for a smaller #camera  boasting an impressive specification, the Panasonic Lumix DMC #lf1  features a 12.1MP MOS sensor and delivers a 80-12,800 ISO range. 

Check out our first look video:

Jethursan Jeyachandran says:

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