Panasonic Lumix GX7 vs GX1 Camera Comparison Video

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Panasonic Lumix GX7 vs GX1 Camera Comparison Video


For more on the Panasonic Lumix GX7:

Panasonic has today introduced the latest member of its Lumix G series of high performance DSLM cameras – the Lumix DMC-GX7. Successor to the Lumix GX1, which was released last year, the GX7 boasts increased capabilities for shooting in low light, trims down further the GX1’s lightning-fast AF time and adds a tilt-able 90º Live View Finder – the first such viewfinder to be mounted on a DSLM body.

More on the Panasonic Lumix GX1:

Panasonic’s division of its Compact System Camera range is spearheaded by the launch of its premium Lumix GX1 model. This aluminium-built, high-quality yet compact model marries together aspects of the consumer-friendly and small-bodied GF series with the hands-on, more advanced controls that are a G-series mainstay. The addition of a new power zoom lens takes the first ‘X’ model into new territory – but this does also add to the rather bulging price tag. Is the GX1 a sensible choice for more demanding photographers or is it just a little too pricey and indifferent to its fellow G-series models to be worthy of purchase? The What Digital Camera Panasonic Lumix GX1 review.

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ayam bebek says:

How to set fps in Lumix Gx1 Aaaaaa

Bluerocklobster says:

Slick rep guy. Hope they are paying him well. Definitely made me more interested in the camera.

baze says:

Olympus has a tradition of producing good quality jpegs. They have the necessary signal processing expertise to squeeze as much as possible from raw sensor data. On the other hand, if you are serious about your photos, you should post-process from raw as you have more dynamic range headroom to work with.

Matt Cooper says:

Love my GX1. Funny how they went from GX1 to GX7 in 20 months.

Amateur Photographer TV says:

Don't miss the full review which has now been posted on our website!

princecody says:

I think the overall design and feature set of the gx7 from what Ive read and seen is an overall better camera than the ep5 but looking at the sample photos @ ephotozine the jpegs on the ep5 look punchier-don't they?

Amateur Photographer TV says:

This isn't a review. Its a comparison of the features of a pre-production sample of a new camera, on the first day we saw it, with the model that preceded it. Image samples will accompany the review, when we get a final production sample.

comcampcmod says:

I would prefer to see sample pictures differentiating the 2 cams rather than just talk and talk and talk without evidence.

U3erpru7ser says:

That's all very nice, but this customer wants a replacement for his DMC L10k!

northernexposure says:

First panasonic with in body IS and not a word of that? Lead to a conclusion, it's there for the sake that one can put it in a specs sheet…

Mozart de Carvalho says:

I wood like a comparatif between the GX7 and the Oly E-P5. tvm

Maxsdiscos says:

Customers can choose which colour suits their "NEED(S)" best … I didn't think it would have practical differences.

JohnHPhotography says:

Think they're finally on to a winner here after Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall these years

Arm Head says:

Sound to noise ratio? I thought it was called signal to noise ratio.

photographerjonathan says:

I think it would be better to see a GX7 vs EP5 comparison, but this GX7 looks real good, but they should've given it an external mike input, and I am wondering how high you can go with the ISO and still have a clean image, so I look forward to some image tests

freddyronny says:

Already dust on the sensor :p

shiseiten81 says:


hellooxindra says:

yess, will be my another collection 🙂

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