Panasonic Lumix G95/G90 First Impressions Review

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The Panasonic G95 was just announced, and Chris and Jordan are here with their first impressions. Join the boys on a photo scavenger hunt, and find out why Jordan can eat Lucky Charms better than all of you.

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Peter James Glasgow says:

Thanks guys – a great combo of an insightful initial review & humour 🙂 I am in the process of buying cameras/lens for my 5 adult children in their 30's (hoping to have more than smart phone pics of their lives, travels/adventures & my grand children) … so trying to match their interests with a good camera package. It's good to laugh amidst the challenge!

Doin' The Pigeon says:

Nice biker jacket, Jordan.

phynx2006 says:

Subliminal messaging, I was wondering why I was singing "All I want is a perfect camera" hahaha great review challenge guys

Dario Fleita says:

5:43 Jabba the Hutt

No more says:

ISO, Dynamic range???
Come on shit head. This is what the G9 sensor brought. It's it the same sensor?

Mister Man says:

II myself upgraded from the G85 to the G9, so here is my opinion: The headphone jack would have been nice on the G85, though it may be superfluous for vloggers, but the G95 sees the mic jack moved out of the way of the articulating screen. V-Log is overkill for the non-pro niche (8-bit, for one thing) that the G95 addresses; Cinelike-D (as on the G85) suffices for vlogging and most other video. The G95's 20MP sensor and engine are likely similar to the G9's, which would mean no washed-out skies and too-hot highlights like with the G85. The lack of crop in 4k was one reason why I wanted the G9; its IS Lock comes in really handy. The 20MP sensor should have permitted cropless 4k. Unlimited 4k record-time is good, though I seldom shoot 4k takes as long as 30 minutes; the G95 comes with the caveat that the unlimited 4k time is "unless the camera gets too hot," however. G9 has dual card slots. The slo-mo woulda been nice on the G85. Pop-up flash on the G95 is handy, but signifies non-pro, if it matters. Used prices for the G85 body are now as llow as $400, so that's a consideration. The 12-60mm kit lens is really, really good.

aviatorman says:

Good review as always. Thanks guys! BTW, what's the lens hood you're using?

Carbon Copy says:

I used to shoot with the older G85. I recently switched over to Canon for DPAF. I see the G95 still hunts nervously in AF-C. Was really hoping Panasonic would add phase detect AF at some point because contrast only is not very usable.

revon0521 says:

Confirming my happiness at just recently purchasing the G9, with that big price drop. Thanks, boys.

Perry Morris Media says:

Jordan, I see you're doing your thing, the shot and angle at 3:16 is VERY nice, which lens was that? Shots that wide usually have fisheye blurs on the ends!

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