Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS100 Digital Camera Review – Ken's Description of the Camera

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lee gar says:

good info ha ha ha. but the video of this camera is terrible ha ha ha. I had this camera in mind but you disappointed me ha ha ha

Leon Østerballe says:

Very good review Ken. Thank you so much. I bought this camera today, and yes it is NOT the newest on the market today, but still one of the Best in its class.

Nasir Lalani says:

Excellent video, job well done Ken. Now i am going to buy this camera.

Rob Ennis says:

have just ordered this camera prior to seeing your review. I look even more forward to getting it. Glad you liked the camera. makes me feel better about my choice.

Jw Chang says:

Ken, very good presentation, very helpful. I just order a rubber grip (Flipbac FBG3) from Amazon. Can you help me put DATE on the photo. Thank you.

Jimmy Urbano says:

That intermission Lmao 😂😂😂 OMG you are a legend beyond amazing love the review you are Fire MR Ken

Jimmy Urbano says:

That intermission Lmao 😂😂😂 OMG you are a legend beyond amazing love the review you are Fire MR Ken

cccggg4 says:

Love your work Ken! Keep it up

youtubiers says:

The 100 megabyte per second 4k recording rate you mentioned will actually be 100 megabits per second, which is equivalent to 12.5 megabytes per second. It is confusing as bitrates are indicated by Mbps which can be read either way. Thanks for a great video by the way, enjoyed watching

Glock274Jimmy says:

I just bought this same camera today and it's even the exact color. I learned a lot and I even paused the video and ordered that same rubber stick on thing for the front! Great idea! Enjoyed the video!

Donnie Brasco says:

This was the best informative review that I ever seen.

Jeff Rose says:

Thanks Ken for your enlightening and fun review. I learnt a lot. Have just purchased the same camera as you and your review has certainly assisted me in getting to know the ZS100. Love your humour and down to earth, entertaining approach!
Keep up the good work!

psychmike says:

Thanks Ken.

Carol Helms says:

Ken, loved your video review, just returned from Europe, how do I transfer my photos from camera to Mac computer?

Patricia Goodger says:

Hi from Australia, I watched your video from start to finish and learnt a lot about quite a complicated camera, I have been looking for a tutorial but could only find reviews and comparisons which don't teach you much. Great job, I loved it.

Ron W says:

Very thorough and funny review, thank you

TheFurmanUK says:

Thanks for the Flipbac tip, just bought the camera and found it too slippery, ordered egrip film but it hasn't arrived yet.

Andy Su says:

ken , please help me to set the date on my photos

TC Chen says:

Ken, Great video. I am leaning toward buying ZS100. This helps greatly. Thanks. PS. Maybe there is a con for me. ZS100 does not have IR for wireless shutter.

hlstewart325 says:

Enjoyed your very informative review of the ZS100 – especially that you explained LOTS of stuff the other reviewers did not cover! One question I have that has not been answered is if you can continue to take photos while recording, which is one feature that I do now use? I am strictly an amateur photographer, but do travel a lot and enjoy making little movies of my trips from photos/videos. However, I have managed to drop/destroy a camera about every two years (last time was a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3, thankfully right after an AWESOME scenic bus tour of Italy's beautiful Amalfi Coast – where I was sitting right behind bus driver and captured most of the trip on video). In which case that time I was forced to purchase replacement camera on the ship, and had to settle for an Olympus SH-1 (recently also dropped, and video zooming will no longer focus properly). At any rate, it is time for yet another camera, and I am now considering the ZS100, but it is quite expensive! Since I mostly depend on “intelligent auto” feature, I want to be SURE that I am not buying too many bells and whistles, that will never be used… (I almost want to purchase another ZS3 – but I will DEFINITELY purchase the accident protection this time!) P.S. – you might enjoy my overview video of Amalfi Coast

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