Panasonic Lumix DMC LF1 Digital Compact Camera – Ken's Review & Description

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Brian Andrews says:

Am I missing something? You shoot HD to test the camera but then only upload 480p?

BoBoy 2008 says:

how good is the looks good.

TheWiseOldChinaman says:

Very informative – great review! … just one question … how did you choose the Lumix LF1 versus the ZS40 and the ZS50 which are all about within the same price range?

CaptainMacNasty says:

Thank you for the excellent review, Ken! May I ask…do you know if the autofocus is fairly quick…or if the there is much of a delay when pressing the shutter, versus when the picture is actually taken?

Ray Bensch Sr says:

Good job, Ken. I am a big fan of the Lumix cameras as well and still using my DMZ-ZS19 and love it. I do, however, wish it had the electronic view finder so I can see what I'm shooting at in bright sunlight. Thanks young fella 🙂

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