Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2500 Camera Review (After 8 Months)

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This is my full review of the pros and cons of the Panasonic Lumix FZ2500/FZ2000 camera after 6-8 months of daily use. I use this camera mostly indoors shooting 4k video under controlled lighting and I have never had an issue with the 1″ sensor. The picture quality on this camera is amazing in video mode and it also takes phenomenal photographs.

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Steve Hinder says:

Thanks for your video.
From the moment Panasonic announced the fz2500 I had interest in it. I Pre-ordered it. I have to this day looking through magazines and I have found nothing. What a shame Panasonic keep there mighty fz2500 a secret. I replaced my fz1000, my primary use for the 2500 is high speed motor racing and with the in built ND filter I get a brilliant effect of blur, slow shutter speed… Cheers

kido tatsuhiko says:

Man good review but don't confuse me is this the fz2000 right

Adventureguy says:

what is the g of the camara i dont look for to heavy camara

Sergei Anatolyvich says:

Thanks for this mate, I love my FZ1000 and FZ300 and the 4K video they produce.
Was looking at this for the slightly longer lens and the V log capability. Was put off by the less than kind reviews when it was first released, with claims that the new lens was
inferior in results compared to the FZ000. Did you experience this in practice. Do you shoot V log with it?

Just shot this clip this afternoon in Windsor, 4K with the LX100 no stabilization but done in post.

Cheers 👍

Andres says:

Do you recommend this one above the FZ1000? What SD Card should we use for it? v60 v90. Thanks for the video!

Johnny Dos Passos says:

Hy Geeky, Do you know if FZ2500 model got HDMI LIVE mode and keep sending video signal trough the HDMI out put during filming ? ( My DMC-FZ300 LUMIX shutdown the monitor and give me a nice black window !!! ….Same limitation on GH7 !! )

Johnny Dos Passos says:

Hy Geeky, Do you know if FZ2500 model got HDMI LIVE mode and keep sending video signal trough the HDMI out put during filming ? ( My DMC-FZ300 LUMIX shutdown the monitor and give me a nice black window !!! ) PS : Same limitation on GH7

Jerry Alicea says:

Just ordered one and can't wait to start shooting with it. Thanks for the review.

007Stalled 7 says:

Yes, the worst ever lens cap which is why they (have to) supply a safety securing string/strap which the user has to attach/fit themselves. If you don't you will lose the lens cap for sure!
But for 4K video using the power zoom for smooth operation is the best.

Nicholas Turley says:

Shane, I am looking for a bridge camera like the FZ2500 for filming hunts. I am considering the FZ2500 and the Sony RX10iii and Sony RX10iv. This will be used mainly for video and shots will be on field edges to dense timber. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

knitandlive says:

Hello Shane,Thank you for this review. I will preface my question by saying that I am a novice in terms of using cameras/camcorders. I purchased the FZ2500 to replace my JVC Everio camcorder, which did not have an external mic plugin. my previous videos – knitting tutorial videos on my youtube channel – have white/pink noise from the camera, and I don't have the expertise (not yet at least) to figure out how to remove. I noticed that the sound on your video is crystal clear, how do you achieve that? Specifically, what kind of mic, voice processing software, if any, do use? and do you use the same with your FZ2500 camera? Thank you!

Sam Gabriel says:

I need a new camera and after tons of research i narrowed down to the fz2500 coz as u said it got both excellent picture and video quality or the sony ax100 but it will look a bit awkward taking stills on it !… i cant find any other good bridge camera option with good low light video. U said the field of view is bad in the camera. Is that a general rule or just in video ? And is it worse than the s8 or iphone 6s camera ??…
How about field of view for stills is it wide or narrow ?…

Rossano Copetti says:

hello! scusme, i,am italian men, no speak english, ma tu mi consigli, fz 2500 for video family and youtube video? thank you from genova italy.. io look ever you video! you is very very best!

Acharya KC says:

Hey man, I really need your help. I bought fz2500 and now im getting very grainy or pixelated video footage. I dont know what is happening even under sun light or it's because of the card that i m using(Sandisk Ultra SDHC 1 cl10? Problem is always there not matter what settings are. Help!

John Sterling says:

Just taken delivery of my 2000 and so far, love it! Thanks for a very useful video. Would appreciate your advice on a suitable flash unit that also has video light capability. I am only going to use it for amature use although I had, in a previous life, been a pro so understand the limitations of such a unit.Thanks.

dingaling says:

I waited and bought in Sept18 but expected way better still photo performance (especially with the Leica lens). The video features (and quality) are impressive, but the lack of crisp stills is a problem. I am just amateur but I have tried a lot of different ways and reliable focus is the issue.

David Edmunds says:

Hi Shane, great video and very useful, but I really do need your help/advice please. I treated myself to a G80 a couple of months ago, it was a BIG treat as money is tight but I've been really enjoying it. The camera came with the 12-60 kit lens and although this has been great generally, especially as I've moved towards street photography as it's been a lot of fun, I've started to try and take some pics of wildlife, birds etc. I've watched lots of videos on youtube and it seems as though there's two options, or maybe three, and I could do with your experience to help me make the right one.

There seems to be two 'budget' lenses I could go for, the panasonic 100-300 which comes in at around £400-£450 ish and the Olympus at around £250 after using their current £85 cashback offer. And then there's a third option I reckon and that's going for either the FZ330 or saving up a lot more and going for the FZ2500 as it's the zoom I'm after and I like the idea of not having to keep changing the lens and also having a second camera setup for video and the occasional still. So, the question is, if you're not exactly flush with cash but you'd like to have some zoom so you don't have to run a few hundred yards to get near to what you want to take a picture of, what would you invest in? Thanks Shane, all the best David Just a thought, I did notice the panasonic 45-150 which might also be the answer and that comes in at around £180, looking forward to hearing your thoughts 🙂

Terry Jones says:

Big thanks for your time Shan, regards Terry

Terry Jones says:

Thanks for your video Shan. Quick question , would you say that this is an OK camera for someone who has never shot video but now has the time to give it a go? Thanks for any advice, Regards Terry

MBTA & More Productions says:

I own it and I like it far better than the other Panasonic’s.

karki films Pvt Ltd. says:

this camera shoot music video n nepali movie.

Ianus says:

Hello, how do you think it's supposed to have fz1000 sharper than 2000? Sorry, I wrote a translator.

Berghaus says:

Unfortunately mine is extremely soft in stils 🙁

elpmettsol says:

If it only had a little further reach, and offered higher frame rates….

S.J. Owens says:

Here is a tip for the round lens hood. There is a process to getting it to stay on. Try it first with the lens hood off until you get it down. With hood off, take the lens cap and rotate to 90 degrees one way (text will be 90 degrees sideways). Then place on front of lens in the 90 degree orientation, once on, then twist to rotate to 9o degrees back to straight text on cap and violla, cap stays on! Let me know if it worked for you, it did for me and I'm glad to know and share!

Jack of all trails says:

How does it sound when you play it through a Tweed amp and an overdrive pedal? Lol

HDBerlin says:

thanks for all those videos, As an owner of the fz2000 I think your stabilizer may not work correctly, i have never had that much jitter and shaking, though I only use the standard mode in full hd

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