Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera Review

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The DMC-ZS8 digital camera may weigh less than half a pound but it features a 16x optical zoom, wide angle lens and 720 video recording on a 3″ LCD. Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey review the point-and-shoot that retails for $270.

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RUIDoso56 OFFICIAL says:

how do you record? i got one at goodwill and idk how to record it

Contortionist 04 says:

Its 6 years old and I want to film with it!😂

Daniel says:

he is jealous because the zoom in the camera its bigger then his dick

TheUniversalDave1 says:

I spy a Betamax.

Bruno34741 says:

hahahaha! that's funny!

Chi-anna Nycole says:

only $150 at best buy!

SgtGnome says:

I think I have the previous version…it looks identical to it, but it is only 10x zoom.

MrBebopChamploo says:

@BlueRidgeRuckus Yeah I've got like three adblocking plugins turned on at all times, so I never have to watch any ads on any videos at all. Plus they stop Google from building a profile on me to help businesses target me, which is nice.

Blue Ridge says:

if u have firefox get adblockplus.. i turn it on when i want to watch attackoftheshow videos.. it blocks the gay ad and all videos work.. just happened to figure this out.. only happens on here though.. weird..

Austin Hernandez says:

Turtles!? WTF?!?

ZIMX says:

yyyyyyyyyyy cant i vvatch this!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Rockdude147 says:

in this episode kevin seemed to be really annoyed by candice and it seems like he's not enjoying the show anymore :/

ex yzee says:

My pc / firefox never loads either. The old AOTS shows do, but not new ones. There's some bit of scanning code they put in that's trying to grab my computer:

"transferring data from"

whatever that means. AOTS is about to get booted off my subscription list if they don't get their act together.

TJC450 says:

@movieking88 The always load on my Mac and iPod

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