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As many of you who watch the show regularly know, I use a lot of Sony and Canon gear. But lately I’ve been curious as to what else is available. I’ve heard great things about the Panasonic GX85 and I was able to use one for a while. This is my review of the Panasonic GX85 as a stills camera.

Panasonic GX85 at B&H

Panasonic GX85 :: 4K Video Review

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Basil Lewis says:

I love the review and your name. I was interested in getting this camera recently for black Friday and when I travel. I usually never take my pro gear. But I always seem to want to get a nice photo or some short video in a small form factor. This is on sale now with two lenses. Thank you for taking the time to make this

Gogogeegee Aloupos says:

Dear sir,
Now that you are at it, could you please confirm whether controlling shutter release from the panel is an option. Thank you so much for the lovely presentation.


James Noodle says:

I just picked one up for 499 in 2019 with 2 lenses! Great value!

Angharad Ceridwen says:

Anyone use this for studio photography? Is it good?

Artful Ambience says:

12-32mm is versatile, 24mm to 62mm, nice 24mm wide angle to standard 50mm

Joe Framo says:

Hello my friend from Atlanta Georgia I love your presentation I subscribe to your Channel I'm real interested in that g85 thanks again

Kamil Lisowski says:

In my GX80 Buffer hold almost 50 raw in continous….

josie kat says:

How is compared to m50

Momchil Yordanov says:

In June 2019 its $500 with TWO kit lenses brand new. Now is the time to buy it 😉

leonor arrigunaga says:

hello ! im looking for a light travel camera, cant decide between this one and Son a6000, hat do you thik?

Remi D says:

Panasonics are kids cameras.

Yoko Kurama says:

Im confused. How come when i shoot in jpeg the resolution is 14.1mp but in RAW the resolution is only 2.8mp?

Woodenarrows says:

At timeline 6:13… Are you saying the camera only has 3 axis IBIS? It's advertised as 5 axis IBIS… Does that mean if I use my Olympus lenses with this camera I only have 3 axis stabilization?

drphil1984 says:

I love the video! Very informative for my soon-to-be camera purchase. What software are you using to process the image shown in the video? Is that simply Adobe Photoshop?

F_Ted says:

this is mine ^^

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