Panasonic G100 First Impressions Review

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Chris and Jordan got their hands on a pre-production Panasonic G100 and have been able to do some preliminary testing on features like the camera’s new OZO directional audio system.

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Andrew Lazarev says:

Why they didn't Bluetooth audio monitoring?

Wave Dancer says:

IT IS absolute CRAP! Instead of developping the LX100II and the GX8/80 further they come up with absolut nonsense! This way they will follow the path of Olympus!

Suyong Choi says:

Not meant to be used while walking.. terrible stabilization.

lboymusic says:

Does it do 4K 60?

fredofoto says:

Buy the $600 Canon M50 and save some money while getting an ILC, larger sensor and much better auto focus.

fredofoto says:

Hmm… micro USB-A?? It's 2020! Some nice features mixed with some old tech.

Dilandau88 says:

Autofocus does not seem good

Andrew Jarman says:

So, why would I buy this to use over my iPhone 11 Pro or GoPro hero 7 black? I think these new small compact cameras that offer very little over those two options (for “vlogging” especially) are exactly why camera companies are struggling. I’m only half way into this and the stabilization and AF is terrible, and the sound is so-so.

Owen Perry says:

Jordan, you're looking healthier for some reason. Lost some weight?

Felice Homestream says:

I wonder what panny marketing guru was thinking of when he/she drew the specs for the g100…

Dans Shade says:

So stupid on Panasonic's side to intentionally cripple this already crippled camera. No sane vlogger will ever use this strange piece of electronics which more suitable for 2017. DoA camera, and way to go for Panasonic to drive themselves out of business.

Herfinnur Árnafjall says:

How to enjoy vlogging: think happy thoughts, and fill up on Molly and a beer beforehand.

But Jesus, how can Panasonic dare to sell this as a vlogging camera, and at that crazy price!? My old OnePlus 6 does about the same image and sound quality, has better image stabilisation than the G100 when using the Google pixel app, And it can record 4k for hours without a hitch

Adrian Velazquez says:

This is horrendous, this is coming from Lumix G7 and G9 owner, this wouldn’t even be an upgrade for my old G7. My current goto is the G9 for 80% and I use the Osmo Action for Walk&Talk vlogging, where the G9 is to heavy/big

George Charpentier says:

This is definitely NOT a camera I would buy. I agree with comments that crippling features and using outdated technology (USB 2.0? Seriously?) is not going to help the sales of ILC’s. If you want to make a vlogging camera, do it properly. If you are designing a camera for photography, do it properly. If you are designing a hybrid, do it properly.

cornerofthemoon says:

I literally almost bought an Olympus OM-D and considered the G100 a couple of days ago but got a Sony ZV-1 instead….Bullet dodged.

Scott Waldron says:

I feel bad for anyone that buys this thing given other options out there.

TVe200 says:

Another canadian (Kasey) have already concluded. "Worst vlogging camera ever made".

Rogelio Osorio Batista says:

I only heard bad opinions of this camera. It seems pretty obvious even to someone who is not a specialist. Panasonic is a huge company and Its designers and marketing department are not stupid. Before developing a new product they should do serious research. I would like to know what the strategy is, surely there must be something more

Karl Rock says:

This isn't a vlogging camera 😂 What the hell were they thinking.

Manila Martin says:

Tough day today. I still enjoyed the review. Good luck mft

CornBreadEarL says:

GFunHundreeeeeeddddddddd lmao – well done

Jimmy a Geek says:

Sony V Z1 is Better

YouTube Studio says:

the autofocus looks garbage most of the time with a busy background

Threlly says:

If it's not a vlogging camera…it's NOT a vlogging camera. Not wide enough, awful stabilization. What are Panasonic and Sony thinking ?
Did they ACTUALLY look at what vloggers do ?!?!

BLC says:

What is Panasonic thinking by continuing to use that trash autofocus system?

Null Eror says:

Panasonic really needs to build a CHEAP 6-12mm to make the 4k modes useable…

Peter Koperdan says:

I'm not even gonna comment on other things, but the footage looks terrible! The camera can't even keep you in focus while you are sitting on a bench (O_o) It's even worse while walking. ZV-1 wipes the floor with this thing. Perhaps it works OK as a photo camera..

enrique saez says:

Great review

Wilbafarce says:

Nobody likes it, everybody hates it…. I just saw the gx9 for cheap!!

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