Our New FAVE Travel and Adventure Camera – Comparison & Review

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Nikki’s on the hunt for the best pocket sized travel adventure camera. Her favorite has been the sony rx100v but the new rx0ii comes loaded in a tiny package. We put it through a series of tests and figured we should share our thoughts with anyone else on the hunt for a good compact travel camera.

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Join us in French Polynesia as we compare the Sony rx100v vs the Sony rx0ii.

If you want to see how the little RX0ii compares to the GoPro Hero 7 underwater let us know in the comments. If we get enough requests we’ll put on the swimsuits and hit the water!

*I gotta tell you this video is not sponsored. We bought the rx100v a couple years ago (just like anyone else) and it’s a great pocket-size point and shoot camera. Sony loaned us the rx0ii to test. We are not required to make any videos, we’re simply sharing our personal review. Hope you find our travel comparison helpful, if so let us know your thoughts in the comments below.*

Shared with LOVE 💕 from all of us here aboard s/v Curiosity,
– Jason, Nikki, Cleo and Singa 😻


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Baring My Soul says:

DJI Osmo action seems the best out now, except for low light of course

Fog says:

They both seem very similar to me. Sometimes the rx100 seemed crisper and better focussed, sometimes the other way around.

Paul C says:

Didn't DJI introduce a hero knock-off?

Andre Dupuis says:

What a great comparison. I was wondering why in your recent videos we saw you with 2 cams on a stick !!? Now we know 😎.
Can’t wait to see underwater Sony vs GoPro

William Lawton says:

Great video as always very informative I have go pros and I just got the new DJI action camera which I like would love to see your underwater test with the Sony and the go Pro as always thanks for sharing and have a great day

Dappdude says:

There seems to be so much digital compression in the RX0! It's especially obvious at 5:23 when there is just no detail left in the image, compared to the RX100. It's not just because of the auto focus, nothing else is looks in focus either until the movement stops.

Andy Lange says:

Great video, as always. Why is no one mentioning the DJI Osmo Action? It has a front facing display, so it would be perfectly viable for vlogging. It would be best to compare the DJI and Sony RXO II side by side. The GoPro 7 has no front facing display and you always have to guess where you are and thus I wouldn't use it for vlogging.

Matthew Latsha says:

The old fumble the wallet trick, well played Jason…

sammiibb says:

RX100 is great .. I have the 5 as well..Also the DJI osmo action camera looks amazing as well !!! …

Sausage says:

The 100 for me, but the 0 performed better in the wind. But not much in it with youtube quality. The RX100 also managed to catch a glimpse of Nibiru at 15:51 😉

Eric Smith says:

DJI Osmo Action wins

Kimberly Anderson says:


Ed B says:

The link from the link above to the tripod doesn’t work on your site, what type is it please. Love and watch all your vids x

Niagra2011 says:

How about the new DJI Osmo Action Cam? Thanks for everything you guys do!!!

Howard Lute says:

Baby Camera: Too small, skin tones are inaccurate, lack of focus…it's your choice, I'd stick with the 100.

John Burkey says:

good info – maybe someday video on editing setup ..

2Moza says:

You did not say how Deep you can dive with the rx0ii ?????????????? but looking forward to seeing the shots you take with it also 🙂 Most good dives are at 20 Mtr's and up to surface. And thank you both great review.

robt555 says:

It's critical a camera capture flesh tones accurately. Might a suggest finding someone to model a few swimsuits? Hmmm, Jason, can you think of anyone?

Keith Cope says:

Im going with the 100 it has better clairty and pictures just seem more real if that mAkes sense lol good video cool move Jason guess whos sleeping on the couch lol yall be safe

Jim Hummel says:

This was really quite interesting. On the one hand, it seemed like it was not a match for match comparison but on the other hand, the newer model handily beat out the older. Your reasoning made sense and the "0" is probably a really good day-to-day choice, especially in a wet environment. But the "100" sure can pull its weight, even if it's not quite as capable or pocket-able. I'd say you'd need both depending on the situation.
P.S. Bad Jason…forgetting your wallet on a date night! Don't you have ApplePay / GooglePay?? You better go make sure your insurance is paid up…I think I saw daggers just as Nikki stood up!

Thomas Felch says:

Waterproof trumps. You'll get to learn more editing tricks. Thanks for sharing. Always amazed at the quality of your shares.

trongod2000 says:

I tink I miss the part where you say which is cheaper.

Arnold Hildebrandt says:

Watch the DJI osmo pocket!

Cliff Andrews says:

Use "The Lazy Camera" it's good enough for Utube video's. Your not filming for Paramount Studios. Take care………

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