Our first camera review – Fujifilm X30 (Retro Style Point and Shoot)

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Miguel Saad says:

Do not buy Fuji cameras. My camera lasted two years only. Don't even think about fixing it – the price is the same amount of a new one.I really regretted buying Fuji.

Arjen Zwamborn says:

0:19; the FED is not a SLR. It's a rangefinder, not a reflex, but otherwise a nice review.

Mehedi Hasan says:

The pictures look retro as well?

Phil Jones65 says:

Stick to pc's man this ain't working

Rachel Hancock says:

This taught me a lot about my camera that I didn't know! SO COOL! Thank you so much for sharing!

Albert Tatlock says:

You can't put a 5d in your pocket, hell it gives you neck ache with the thing strapped around your neck for an hour.
Fuji pocket size, pretty good image quality but stupidly overpriced

Abram Mamahit says:

you just have to press the playback button if you want to see the photos thou.. you dont need to open the lense cap and rotate the camera ring..

Bob Johnson says:

35 and 50 mm dimples are so you can shoot in those distances while viewing with evf and you don't have to look at the lens. this is an amazing camera. Its my grab n go camera.

Egob says:

He looks like shawn ashmore fused with ed sheeran

getmanec says:


nikemac84 says:

You have IMPECCABLE grammar, bro……..

Faizan Shahid says:

too good review….👌👏

EverythingisFire says:

God damn, Dimitri. Your video editing skills are so good! Haha. I love the visual overview you've got going on in the beginning. Love the lighting.

Michael Sardonido says:

I saw n store it says 20mp.. Which is whic 20 or 12mp?

mal wynn says:

excellent review!

Max Bel says:

This USSR camera "ФЭД-2" my mam got the same)

Genesis Vazquez says:

How much is it ?

edrielle samson says:

This is the best camera review I have seen in ages. Wow

Thomas Long says:

Excellent review – the best I've seen on this camera.

Daniel Harrow says:

So this or a Sony a5100 for someone who's getting into these small form factor types of camera?

Shikhar Bhatnagar says:

What do u call these type of transitions of textbox at 2:09 ??

mikebzmike says:


Dinda Tumampas says:

Available to change the lense or not? if we want to change it with another lense?

Moris Abd says:

very professional review… love your work guys…. keep it up.

Chhun Kadavid says:

man, I love this review. Great job 😀

Anton Zenker says:

Great review. But you do not have to turn the lens to view your Pictures ! you can press on the view button for 1-2 seconds. 🙂

Kevin Searles says:

Hold the playback button when the camera is off to review images without turning the lens.

Haneesa Zahidah says:

More importantly, this video is beautiful

emily newport says:

Brilliant photo dude! Thanks a lot!

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