Oppo Reno4 Pro Unboxing Global Version | Hands-On, Unbox, Set Up new, Camera Test

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Oppo Reno4 Pro Unboxing Global Version | Hands-On, Unbox, Set Up new, Camera Test

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Roninplays says:

Record by s10 👀

Ramzi Rmz says:

Show your subscribers count.

Arvind Dumare says:

Bro 5g nahi kya

MebiAnime says:

I see early unboxing and Osakabehime, I press like.

mehul galchar says:

ur hands are shaking

Dipanjan Modak says:

Excellent work. I was waiting for this to make a buying decision. SD 720G is a turnoff since this was launched in China with SD 765G. Also the 'Oppo Glow' mark at the back is missing compared to the Chinese version. But the retro looking cameras are a stellar. How is the picture quality and zoom quality?

S Jkhan says:

Reno 4 pro its 5g or 4g….indian lounching segment

Yunfei Xue says:

Still stunning design although I like the Chinese version more

Azmain Rafi says:

What is the price

vaishnavi spandana says:

Is 3.5mm jack available for Indian variants?

A R says:

Amazing ❤️🌷 please make a similar video about vivo x50 pro

Anwar Mansuri says:

how many colour varient and crystle blue colour with oppo reno glow branding and backside glass protection?

Srinivas Gajendran says:

Always on display????????????

Edwin Cheng says:

SD card? Can up to how many GB?

Ayaz Khan says:

Very slow unboxing plz fast

Friends Mobile says:

Sir camera zoom kitna % hai

Carlos Canzer says:

Does the factory install the film?

Mas Mamat says:

This is different from china version 🤔 how about chipset ?

syed tanseer says:

It's a fack video plz donk make fack video

Vaishnavi Ankale says:

Yeah color konsa hai

MOVILO spectre says:

Chinese variant was really cool but this is shitt

sam george says:

Does it comes with stereo speakers

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