Oppo R17 Pro VS Samsung Note 9 – Camera Comparison

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The ultimate camera comparison between the OPPO R17 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
Check out the Oppo R17 Pro on Amazon: https://geni.us/WDIrOM

In this video I compare the front and rear cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with the cameras on the Oppo R17 Pro.
Throughout this video you can check out portrait mode pictures, daytime pictures, night time pictures, selfies and of course videos.
I used the Night Mode from the Oppo R17 Pro for the low light pictures.

This is the camera that I use for YouTube: http://geni.us/OVAe8cZ – Amazon Link.
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Vishal Giri says:

Definitely love the pics from Note 9 but surprisingly OPPO R17 pro is not far behind specially in the night, great video bro!!

Simion Florin says:

Wow, trăim vremuri când seria Note, telefonul flagship de la Samsung e bătut de un midrange, și unde încă, în captura de noapte, acum 3-4 ani nimeni nu se atingea de Samsung, mai ales noaptea. Acum, la foto noaptea, pare un telefon average, pun pariu că dacă pun Google cam pe un entry, cu night sight bat Samsungul. Dacă nu vin cu o cameră senzațională pe S10, lumea o să-i taxeze și o să piardă și mai mult teren la capitolul foto, unde sunt în urmă la destui.

So Panha E says:

Note 9 is the most powerful smartphone in 2019 and sell a lot than some other smartphone. Note 9 is the winer.

Rhett Oracle says:

I'd be happy with either. Nice comparison!

Ehsan Siam says:

Damn, I really like note as a smartphone. But oppo r17 has better pictures.

Sumit Ram says:


kleen937 - samuel says:

Oppo is really goof

Tech Ride says:

Please compare Oppo r17 pro vs Honor view 20, thank you!

LBee says:

The R7 low light and selfie pictures have a green tint…that's not better to me…

King Michael Pili says:

Keep it up!!

Rayan says:

That's a challenge 👍front camera for oppo killed it

Dave West says:

Now I've seen the night images together, there's some which look note accurate on the Note 9 – there's some halos on the R17 but in fairness this is typical of most night modes on phones.

And that video stabilisation on the Note 9 is fantastic, forgot how good it is!

On the whole though, Note 9 is not £300 better IMO.

Great job dude 👍

Tech Ride says:

I prefer the realistic colors on daylight shots on R17 Pro, the note 9 tends to over saturate and adds yellow tint.. As for lowlight shots, there's really no competition, r17 pro wins.

firas Alqasem says:

thank you for your video..note9 is the best 👍

Haidar Fajri says:

Note 9 🥇

Alex Ginga says:

Damn, Oppo destroyed the note 9 in the night time pictures, wasn't expecting that at all

Sting Taker says:

R17 is better

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