OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE vs POCO F2 Pro Camera Test Comparison

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Here is my first OnePlus Nord Camera Test and Review. The OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE Camera was highly requested but I wanted to also do a OnePlus Nord vs Poco F2 Pro Camera comparison as well so I decided to test them all together. For OnePlus Nord Unboxing and review stay tuned and let me know if you want to see a full OnePlus Nord Review and OnePlus Nord Camera Review. Who won in this Epic Oneplus nord vs iphonese vs poco f2 pro camera comparison?

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Danny Winget says:

*The Poco F2 Pro has a 64MP camera and not 50MP as stated in the video. This is what happens when you are working on two camera comparisons at once. Sorry! Did the OnePlus Nord Camera live up to the hype for the price?

Benexmart Smart Home says:

Well that is really different.Thanks Danny.Have learned a lot.

Archy says:

Hey I am Confused whether to buy Nord or not ? Please share your thoughts

Seb W says:

Forget the stock camera App on Xiaomi Phones.I only use GCam on my K30 Pro Zoom Edition. It's a big difference in everything.

dewan's vault says:

Poco f2 pro doesn’t have ois 😒wrong iinfo🤮

Uday Saini says:

I want to upgrade from POCO F1, for content creation on YouTube. Which are the phones you would suggest around 500$. I was going to go for Nord but its getting lot of Flak for Camera performance. 🤔🤔 Which i am doubting since the video shows its good enuf. So what do you suggest.? Im currently using F1 with FilmicPro right now. 🙂

ne0tic says:

For regular photos I feel like the iPhone is the best although I'm pretty impressed by the Nord!

ocb05 says:

Imo, iPhone se holds it well even without night mode.

kamellion77 says:

Waw, the Nord surprised me ! Great job.

satish yogendra says:

One plus nord speaker is the best

Asish Palo says:

Please say in your introduction the background roof is of which color. 3 phones shows 3 different color which one is accurate ?

Ls Ngu says:

2:27 all 3 phones don’t have telephoto lens.. The 2x button is just a trick.

Charith Yasas says:

if you want night mode on se install neuralcam from app store. its a paid app but it will do the job and its only 3 usd.

rocky 123 says:

Apples images looks yellowish

Kaze Furiyama says:

Poco f2:
+ Aluminium bezels
+ Snapdragon 865
+ Optical stabilization
+ headphone jack
– 60Hz screen
– Mic quality
I'd go with redmi k30 pro then 😂😂 Same thing, 135$ less. XD

B's says:

try using GCam on Poco f2. You'll be amazed.

Sarang Tambe says:

Nord is the best in my opinion. The IPhone is a superior camera but I don’t like its colours since they are not saturated a lot. Poco phone is also great but the image doesn’t look bright enough.

Steven Tinker says:

Makes me wonder how fast you feel you need to get certain videos out, with the number of info errors you made here. Still a good video.

Alvin Bartolome says:

How about One plus Nord vs Samsung A71 5g, Huawei Nova 7 5G next time? Great camera comparison. The audio comparison was a bonus!

Daniel Gutierrez says:

Damn the amount of clipping from the iPhone in the first video. I'm watching on a 4k TV

Vlad. A. says:

great video! thanks!

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