OnePlus Nord versus Pixel 4 camera comparison reivew

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Our OnePlus Nord versus Pixel 4 camera comparison will give you a good idea of how well the cameras on the OnePlus Nord stack up against those of the Pixel 4. While the Nord has double the number of camera lenses, the Pixel 4 can still hold its own.

OnePlus Nord versus OnePlus 8 Pro camera comparison

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Dashnor Iljazi says:

No smart phone camera beats the pixel. No Samsung, plus one, bullshit iPhone, none!

Darren says:

the difference is too big to dismiss for me. The pixel 4 by a huge margin. What a shame, I wonder how much a pixel 4 xl is on sale?

Christel Kappis says:

the pixel costs the double and sorry to say: my oneplus 7 pro cam improves very heavy after 4-5 updates! its the typicak game that you can forget 2-4 lenses in 5-6cam setups in the midrange!
for my is important, that there is a promode in the cams, where i can handle iso/colourtemps/lens and focus! for me personal i dont like the overcolorized insta style looks of pixel/iphones. so i world take the nord and for the 400€ over a take a travel for good shoots.😉

Brunoo Gordo says:

Wow the diference its huge. The pixel has a great dsmn camera.
Still the nord its ok , but wow , realy..
Hate the fact that the nord mirrors the selfie's

richiepaidsotv says:

Pixel 4 cameras are on another level 💯

Nuno Ferreira says:

I seriously don't understand this kind of videos. Can you even compare the price of the two smartphones? In some stores here in Portugal the pixel has the price around 550 / 650€ … It's not even comparable …

Albert Planella says:

Oneplus Nord: two front cameras, and both are shit

Anomaly says:

I'd prefer the pixel 4 for photos and video hands down

Sanjyot Gargelwar says:

Nord's Camera justifies its Price
Its Better than Expected!!

Light Yagami says:

To sum up this comparison
oneplus: eye catchy
pixel 4 : true color

abhishek paluri says:

Hail pixel 🔥

Rajan Yadav says:

considering the price point which is nord is even less than half the price of pixel 4, it does the job well i guess.

AuA says:

Best video comparison on YT, good job

John Manalo says:

OnePlus' photos are oversaturated, overly processed mess. This is what Samsung were 5 years ago.

mem emmo says:

lol oneplus

vikas patel says:

how can you shoot 4k 60fps on main …when it doesn't have that option…I guess…?

Технокоржик says:

why do you compare nord to the phone that costs twice as much?

Twister_59 says:

Pixel's camera is in a league of it's own. It should actually be compared to DSLRs rather than other phone cameras.

Golden says:

Love your straight forward videos. The Nord actually surpassed my expectations. Nice one. Can't wait to see up against the new pixel budget device.

EQ3282 says:

Cue OnePlus fanboys saying, "OP will release updates and make the camera better."

Ivan Vrban says:

Pixel 4 amazing camera

Mark Andrew Estella says:

The Nord takes brighter photos. The Pixel takes brighter videos.

If we consider the Pixel cameras as the cut off standard, does OnePlus make the cut?

sudhir 6199 says:

Nord would be equal or better if used pixel camera app in nord

Rakesh Kumar says:

pixel keeps image as natural as possible! pretty cool! why can't mid range phone camera capture natural colors? it enhances colors with processing! not cool!

Nirvesh the Nature lover says:

Pixel4 incredible

prashant panchal says:

Pixel…. master of detailing and sharpness

Villainz YumzZ says:

Install gcam on nord:)

David Burns says:

Like all camera comparisons sometimes I like the OP more than the pixel but I definitely think googles camera is more consistent.

Bary Alen says:

Waiting fr pixel 4a

Romit Lamba says:

Heavily Greatly biased. By how much did you get sold to the Chinese !?

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