OnePlus Nord versus OnePlus 8 Pro camera comparison

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Our OnePlus Nord cameras series continues with a OnePlus Nord versus OnePlus 8 Pro camera comparison. Check out the video to see if the cameras on the Oneplus Nord are capable of keeping up with the 8 Pro which is OnePlus’ flagship smartphone for 2020.

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Sudhir Kumar Gupta says:

there's a difference in image quality but that doesn't justify 500$ difference

Richard Alvaro says:

love your comparison videos

Anant Pratap Singh says:

Sir can I buy nord or 7T i am confused

Movie Rocker says:

As compare to 8 pro.. Nord price is less but camera performance is good but only problem in micro & zoom

gaurav Chudasama says:

Overall OnePlus nord is
2) best
3) average

ThatTechDude YT says:

How are you doing 4k 60 on the rear cam on OP Nord?

mohan tiwari says:

again, nice detailed

R B says:

So what do you think about the Nord camera?
1. Good
2. Very good
3. Great
4. Best ( according to price)

gaurav Chudasama says:

Between 7T and nord which gives better display experience

R B says:

Nord vs 7t and realme x2 pro

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