OnePlus Nord Real World Camera Test

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It’s time to see what the OnePlus Nord cameras can do. High megapixel sensors on the back and front get ultrawide lenses to back them up. Could this be the best bang-for-buck smartphone camera package right now? Let me know your thoughts as I have fun vlogging with the OnePlus Nord!

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brothers browsing says:

sharpness is problem

Tech Altitude says:

Nice presentation. #techaltitude

Hanz Renegade says:

Oneplus actually had upgraded the microphone, they used to be awful tho.

Nathan Miskimmin says:

Would love to see a comparison to the Samsung a71 cuz currently that is £360 on Amazon so it's around the same price as the base model of Nord

Tomiply says:

5:35 I think Sony has that as well.

Navdeep Singh says:

He looks more like an imperfect CELL from Dragon Ball Z 😝😝

Moritz E. says:

Very bad ultra-wide camera pictures, they're all washed out and no contrast. For me personally, the camera is much to bad.


For the price tag , 📷 offers a great performance , impressed 🥰

Kelvin Bob says:

Good mask.. eh i mean nord review

William Wallace says:

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Pronoy Singha says:

All things i like but plastic frame 😱

Alex Wilson-Razzell says:

You know what? We've been spoiled when it comes to smartphone cameras. Imagine if you showed these results to someone in 2010 and told them you could get that on a run of the mill mid-ranged android? Most consumers don't need top of the line cameras, yet most of the marketing for smartphones over the years, and even the reviews focus so much on the cameras. I'm looking forward to the day when you can legitimately let software algorithms make smartphone cameras almost indistinguishable from DSLRs and film cameras.

Aminul Islam says:

Can you adjust blur effect in portrait mode on Nord ?

Jeff Owen says:

Are you using a SIM card with the Nord?

Md Shahab says:

is the nord Gcam supported?

Berlneil Heyrosa says:

I wish the ultra-wide camera was at least 12MP tho. Still a really good phone!

Ufo hunter says:

This video helped me a lot thanks, I've personally been waiting (which seems like forever) for the release of the pixel 4a which is supposed to launch next week also but the Nord looks awesome and I might go for that instead now. I'm sure I can wait a few days just to see how good pixel turned out to be but I've gotta say I'm real close to pulling the trigger on the Nord! The pixel will have to blow me away in order to sway me now I think, personally I think Google have waited far too long to release this phone as it's been ready to go for months and is already outdated before it's release.

Dave Duez says:

I'm a teacher who will eventually be heading back into a crowded classroom, Joshua… Where did you get your mask? I don't care if it looks like a protective cup, I would love to try one!

Andrew Lee says:

I love to see more of such concepts where you do camera reviews recording directly from the phone.
There seems to be a lot of heavy softening going on both on photos and videos.

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