OnePlus Nord Camera vs Samsung A51 vs OnePlus 8 Pro!

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OnePlus Nord camera test. The results? Surprising. In this video I cover photos, video, a mic test, low light and more:)

Buy the OnePlus Nord:

Woah 00:00
Important things you should know 00:30
The pricing dilemma 1:20
Outdoor test 1 2:16
Indoor photo 1 (saturation test) 2:58
Aperture differences and its impact on the pics 4:02
Depth mode test 4:44
Depth mode test two 5:41
Zoom range 5:58
Ultrawide test 6:56
Another subject photo 7:46
Selfies 8:08
Front facing video + mic test 9:00
Macro shots 9:28
Another outdoor test 10:25
Low light test 10:56
Rear video test 12:20
Is the Nord camera good? 13:17

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My name is Jacklyn Dallas, aka NothingButTech, and I make videos about technology. You can expect videos about anything technology – from a first look at a new bleeding edge piece of tech to a video documenting my experience with a new phone so you can make an educated purchase. I also strive to make each video entertaining with high quality production value and humor here and there:). Let me know how you think I’m doing?:) Thank you for watching this one!

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Jacklyn Dallas aka NothingButTech


Rajan Chaudhary says:

OnePlus really needs to gear up their software processing especially in the skin tones department .

Arnaud-Michel NGWALA-NGWALA says:

OnePlus Nord is coming in USA soon !
And will you be able to compare Pixel 3a and OnePlus Nord ?

Parth Shah says:

Really good comparison. The perfect camera review video I was looking on YouTube for the nord

Guddu Singh Bhardwaj says:

Oneplus nord India price 25k

vjal says:

Nothing 🔥 than a 👧 talking about tech and really good at it 👍

AKSHAY K.S says:

In India One plus Nord is Budget friendly for Peoples .With 5G

Kreams says:

Can you do a similar comparison with the iPhone SE?


God……subscribed bcz of ur laugh and beauty

Abhijit Mallik says:

Under 30k best all rounder smart phone oneplus nord…

Amol Sawarkar says:

Your charm is never-ending

Ajith Memana says:

Giving it a thumbs up for arranging it into chapters <3

Yuvraj Ingale says:

I came here to see the comparison but my eyes stuck on your beautiful face and i missed this comparison almost 3times😄😄😄 and Your voice is also Melodious.

Abdulla A says:

What do you think about nord vs 7t? Their almost at same price now.

shashi kant pyarelal says:

I don't like your voice

MrMajklNew says:

I see how the video cuts on Nord (12:40) it is normal?

Nathan Miskimmin says:

Would've loved this test to have been done with the a71 and not the a51

#ilovetoguide says:

Greatest review ever.. 👍

Abhishek Chopda says:

Hands down the best Nord camera review right now on YouTube! Nicely done! Keep it up! 👍🏻

Ratnesh Raj says:

Didn't get much abt 1+ Nord bcz
I was focusing on your eyes and ur face expression ..U r so beautiful dat words r nt enough 4 u 😍😍😍😍😍

Abhishek Ranjan CHRISTIAN says:

I'm loving this channel just because of NORD…😊

and reviewer can be the option…😁

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