OnePlus Nord Camera Review: Perfectly Dependable

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OnePlus built up a lot of hype around the camera, but the spec-sheet is simply the same as what you’d expect on a mid range phone. That includes an OIS-stabilised Sony IMX586 48MP camera, along with an 8MP ultrawide lens, and two 2MP cameras for macro and portrait shots. Now, on the face of it, there’s nothing extraordinary about the camera system. We see the 48+8+2+2MP stack all the time in the mid-range segment. Oh, and there are two more cameras on the front. OIS is certainly useful, but I fancied a telephoto lens in the mix.
There are also a few weird misses. For one, the OnePlus Nord cannot do 4K at 60FPS from the rear camera, but can do so from the front. When asked about it, OnePlus said there are issues with thermals when [email protected] is enabled. Once that’s figured out, the feature will arrive via an update. Also weird is the inclusion of a 2MP macro camera when the brand can very well do so using the primary camera, like it does on the OnePlus 8 Pro. The results are also far better from the 48MP lens, and OnePlus could’ve shaved off costs by excluding the fourth camera.

Using the camera over a period of ten days shooting things I see near my house, the OnePlus camera feels well-tuned but not extraordinarily good. The details are what you’d expect from a 48MP camera, and the colour reproduction is quite natural — you get what you see. The best performance is delivered by the 48MP primary camera where the details and sharpness are good enough for viewing on the small screen. The 8MP ultrawide lens comes a close second with perhaps the best dynamic range in this segment. The other two lenses bring the overall camera performance down, however.

The Nightscape mode is also quite well tuned and you get images that look sharp in lowlight, provided you don’t zoom in. Portraits come out a little softer on details but gets the colours quite right. As for videos, the OnePlus Nord doesn’t suffer from the focusing issues we experienced in the OnePlus Nord.And the 1080p at 60 FPS output is just about decent as compared to the mid-range phones in this segment. Watch our video to know more.
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I Love Only Production says:

Bro, You are from Noida Sector 120, Amrapali Platinum ??? And you are my neighbour.

AkHiL _ says:

These days 3.5mm jack is not available in many phones. Expecting a video on bluetooth audio receivers which can convert wired headset to wireless.

storm fall says:

The camera of Nord is absolute trash

manojkumar badavath says:

Electronic stabilation is. There in oneplus nord ?

Sourav kumar Sahoo says:

is there any green tint issue on your Oneplus Nord device at lower brightness level. please inform..

sanjay chourasiya says:

How many × zoom does have in 1+ nord

Suyash Gupta says:

Realme x3 super zoom is better

Wessel In den Bosch says:

Incredible irritating music

Ali Yasser says:

No mention of the selfie camera. Loud, jarring background music. 2 minutes of useless chatter at the beginning of the video. And Digit calls itself a tech media company. That's a good joke. Here's some advice from a tech guy: If you're making a camera comparison video, come to the point as soon as you can. Spend more time on photo/video comparisons than endless chatter about camera specs. Have more pictures of people so that we get to know how the camera captures skin tones. Go through camera comparison videos from popular tech YouTubers (Mrwhosetheboss and SuperSaf) before making your own. And have at least 2 people review your content before putting it on YouTube.

Vivek Kantesaria says:

Shut background music doesn't help with the review.

Rajan Yadav says:

wtf.. don't put the background music next time. that sucks! 😕

Theron Sangma says:

I don't know how you youtubers get hold of this phone before even they sale online…🤔🤔😂😂😂

vasanth kumar says:

is better than 7t?

kathiravan NR says:

Background music too loud and irritating and stopped watching the vedio

Anmol Modi says:

pura band baja rakh diya hai background music me

Reyan Mujawar says:

The loud music in the background is so irritating …..

Nick Sharma says:

Is it worth buying one plus 7t? Over nord

Rani Goldarভিঢিঊই says:

Why only camera😒😒…?

Praveen Kumar says:

What nonsense, why do you people add so loud video game music in your review

Muhammed Anas .v says:

Macro cam is useless😑

hiten35 says:

How is its camera in comparison to poco X2?

Gnanasekar Rs says:

When we will see full review

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