OnePlus Nord camera review & comparison with OnePlus 8 & 8 Pro – the Nord is no slouch!

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Watch our camera comparison video of the #OnePlusNord against the #OnePlus8 and the #OnePlus8Pro. The idea here is not to find a winner but to see if the Nord makes any compromises in camera performance to achieve its low price tag. In fact, you can consider this video the full camera review of the Nord.

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Host: Ershad
Editor: Nitesh


Video Highlights

00:00 Introduction
01:46 Specs
02:21 Daylight wide
03:16 48MP high resolution
03:28 Ultrawide
04:34 Dynamic range
05:06 Close up
05:44 Macro
6:01 Telephoto
6:16 Portrait
7:21 Selfie
8:05 Selfie Portrait
8:45 4K HDR video (OnePlus 8 Pro exclusive feature)
9:02 [email protected] (OnePlus 8, 8 Pro exclusive feature)
10:02 [email protected]
10:52 [email protected] with front camera on OnePlus Nord
11:28 [email protected] ultra-wide angle video on OnePlus Nord
11:46 [email protected] front camera
12:28 Slow motion
12:47 Indoor
13:23 Indoor front
13:41 Lowlight
15:08 Ultrawide Nightscape
15:27 Lowlight+Flash
15:34 Lowlight selfie
15:44 Conclusion

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Sukanta Naik says:

Sir please camera comparison realme x3 super zoom vs one plus nord

nasdoc1 says:

Great video!
Now I'm so confused. I want a phone with a camera that's the best by far. A point and shoot camera that blows the competition away especially indoor low lighting conditions.

Hari haran says:

Please make in depth review comparison OP8 VS OP NORD

Hari haran says:

Awesome bro 👍

Bhagwan Pandit says:

Best Camera reviewer =
Mr. Phone

Parth Rana says:

Make to the camera comparing to One plus nord vs realmi x3 superzoom

anurag vishwakarma says:

Has the display issues been resolved in one plus 8 pro?

Neeraj Mehra says:

Is it 4G volte ?

Vamsi Krishna Sikhakolli says:

Oneplus nord has 8mp ultra wide…. correction

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