OnePlus 8 vs Pro Camera Review | Full Photo & Video Tests

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I’ve been testing the OnePlus 8’s camera tech alongside the 8 Pro, to review them both and see if that super-premium model produces better photo and video results. Here’s my full OnePlus 8 Pro vs 8 camera comparison, so you can see if the more expensive smartphone is worth an upgrade for the optics. And check out my side-by-side specs/features versus between these two phones for a look at the rest of the hardware and software.

These fresh 2020 flagships serve up very different camera tech. For one, they use a different Sony sensor, while the OnePlus 8 Pro also upgrades the Ultra-Wide lens to a 48MP shooter (compared with a 16MP on the standard phone). Plus you have a telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom and a rather bizarre new photochromatic lens on the Pro.

Still, the OP8 can capture detailed pics with accurate colours and offers better HDR smarts than previous OnePlus handsets. Both camera setups also deliver good video results, shooting at up to 4K resolution at 60FPS.

Have a squint at my full OnePlus 8 review (Pro coming soon), unboxing videos and other vs comparisons to see more on these clever 2020 flagships!


Samuel Tan says:

on the OP8 Pro, what's the black bar in between the flash module and telephoto lens?

Compare says:

One plus 8pro is the best phone.

SuperChiko4000 says:

This is a beautiful video 🌟😍

Rishav Thakur says:

compare these with mi10 and mi10 pro

Mohamed janniir says:

Thank you for the review 😊

Quantum Dot says:

I would be interested to see how the one plus 8 compares to the 7t since they have almost the same hardware

Legoshi says:

OnePlus 8 Pro and the Oppo Find X2 Pro?

zaki zulfiquer says:

As a camera enthusiast, It would be clinching if you compare the photos with the Colors you see with the naked eye and the Colors the camera lens produce across comparisons

Andreas Panayiotou says:

Its not just the high price range they are also pushing you to buy the pro one! Screw u oneplus. I am moving to xiaomi.

life-is-fun says:

….so you have a small palace…..I see there….big garden….Prince Harry…..sorry, Harry, doesn't have that in US of Donald

Montoya Justeen says:

I think the op7t is better than op8 and still the value champ.💪

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