OnePlus 8 vs OnePlus 7T Full Comparison – Speed Test + Camera Review

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OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 8 Official Ultimate Speed Test Comparison. The OnePlus 8 has 8GB RAM and 128GB Internal Memory and runs on Snapdragon 865 5G CPU, OnePlus 7T has Snapdragon 855+ 8GB RAM, and 128GB Storage.

OnePlus 8 vs OnePlus 7T Full Camera Review along with Night Shots and Macro Images +Video and Stabilization.

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Bala Bala says:

Oneplus 7t users hit the like button 👍

Rishal says:

I went with 7t just for the flat display. Curved display looks like a jump back in time rather than an advancement tbh.

Prashant Raj says:

How is the battery performance of oneplus 8

امجد 55 says:

Display 7t same 8pro ?

lokhan says:

Please give the wallpaper link using in 1+8


OnePlus 7T⚡

carlos morales says:

I don't know but I really love my one plus 7pro

Robert Lalmalsawma says:

Do you have any DISPLAY issues on the OP8

Navd shukar allah says:

Oneplus 8 and oneplus 8 pro witch one audio quality better and loud

Aman Lakra says:

Brother best camera mobile under 35000
Poco f2 ka wait kre ya aap bta do please koi mobile

pravin murthy says:

No matter what, the 7T users shud never upgrade to an 8!.. They can upgrade to 8 Pro if they have the money..


Pubg runs on hdr extreme on 7t but hdr ultra in 8


From where did u purchased one plus 8

Sufiyan Shaikh says:

Broo battery test of one plus 8 vs one plus 7t?

Mayur Gawand says:

OnePlus 8 Vs iPhone xr speed test plzz

Puskar Roy says:

Bro love your comparison video. Can you please make a comparision between one plus 7 pro vs the oneplus8.

chris dsouza says:

There isn't much difference between both…..saved myself 10k by buying the 7t…..will use that to buy the OnePlus tws instead when it releases in July😍

Jasmeet Marwah says:

7T best value for money, 8 got changes but not worth 10k more

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