OnePlus 8 vs iPhone SE 2020 vs Realme X50 Pro camera comparison – no winners or losers here!

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With the #OnePlus8 in the house, our first video had to be a camera comparison. Is it better than the #iPhoneSE2020 or the #RealmeX50Pro? We find out.

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Host: Ershad
Editor: Nitesh


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Riggyal Otbum says:

OnePlus 8 vs 8 pro camera comparison!!

Elkido Elkido says:

X50 Pro 5G no doubt

Binu Raj says:

5:58 Holy smokes… Why does the SE2 have worse dynamic range than the Realme X50 Pro. The highlights have been blown out in the SE and OnePlus video..🥴🤔🤔

Aman Garg says:

Yaaar tum log pagal ho kya ???
Realme vs one plus
Comparison bhi barabari valon k sath hota h!
One plus 8 gets 95% times same shots as one plus 8 pro and oneplus 8pro is best in class, realme is worst in class, it does not justifies its price

Aman Garg says:

Realme is shit, everyone says it has more details as it has 64mp camera,it is also better than i phone 11 pro max because it has 12mp camera 😑
Realme is better than iphone according to this guy and also according to u all

Paramdeep sidhu says:

Great Comparison Video Sir
All Phones are Brilliant 👌 👌

hemanth mudra says:

Good to see ya back ma manh!

Kirito Kun says:

Vivo X50 looks good

AKM Murali says:

2:12 the text is more visible on the iphone compared to the other two,how can x50 pro be better?

reza 152 says:

1:50 actually iphone se is sharper , realme is soft !

vasanth kumar says:

compare with iqoo 3 also

vasanth kumar says:

see the sign board again iphone is clearer

Arnav Mittal says:

Since OnePlus 8 is out of the picture until it gets a software update, I feel you should compare the other two phones with Mi 10 and OnePlus 8 Pro so as to know if spending 8K-13K extra is worth spending or not purely on the basis of cameras.

Anshuman Singh says:

my vote for realme x50 pro

R j Life says:

iPhone se can take same macro shot u just need keep bit more distance their video on this too

R j Life says:

1.50 to 1.57 between this , the speed limit sign is most clear on iPhone se
Then OnePlus
The x50

R j Life says:

U said ( 1.50 ) realme X50 pro kills at the corners on terms of sharpness r u serious or I think I need to Google it

karthik sarma says:

LOL Every youtuber mentioned that Realme X 50 Pro's drawback is its cameras but when comparing to OP8 and IPhone SE it is looking better😂😂😂

zozo goldz says:

Great work
but you should have used lenses for iPhone, its cheap and available for 500-2000 rs for telephoto macro and wide angle
missed that

Sounak Maiti says:

I would pick x50 Pro for its front camera

Shivam Bhardwaj says:

It's getting pretty useless to compare cameras on budget flagships these days. The answer is always, "It's complicated", with all phones performing at par with each other while getting some shots just right

WALKER #5024 says:

If only SE had a 5.5 inch screen..

Raymond Lee says:

How about comparison between Redmi K30 5G & Realme X50m.

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