OnePlus 8 vs iPhone SE 2020 Camera Comparison

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OnePlus 8 and iPhone SE are two flagship smartphones below Rs 50000 and here is the camera comparison of the two phones.

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DR INDRAJEET Kumar says:

I might sound weird but your voice don't match your look😅

libin Johnson zone says:

Are you Malayali bro.i think you have Malayalam accent

Ankit Saini says:

Biased 😄😄

Bal Siva says:

Op adds vivid and colder tones which doesn’t reproduce the original color


Why low views brother

anuj shekhawat says:

I think the front camera of one plus 8 is better in the selfies

Chandrakant Patel says:

iphone is better

Clement's Tech says:

*IPhone se dynamic range in photos is just fab
*And for video iphone always the king in video recording
Hardware dosent means better software processing matters the most that apple and Google are the masters and shows with their computational photography hands down

Best Boy Channel says:

You r always selecting iphone se 😓

Gopinath says:

Super comparison video clearly se has better camera

Gopinath says:

Best se2020


Great comparison

Chilaka Ramakrishna says:

you copied mkbhd intro music! don't do this, be original!

Mathews Roy says:

Good comparison

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