OnePlus 8 Pro vs Samsung S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max CAMERA Comparison! | The Tech Chap

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Which has the best camera – OnePlus 8 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max? I test 3 of the best smartphone cameras for video, photos, selfies, night mode & even astrophotography! But 2020 Phone camera is best? πŸ€”πŸ“Έ
S20 Ultra US: UK: (Paid Link)
iPhone 11 Pro Max US: UK: (Paid Link)
OnePlus 8 Pro: [TBC]

Let’s get Ryan (BeginnersTech to 100K!

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The Tech Chap says:

Hey Chaps – which phone do you think had the best camera? πŸ”₯πŸ€” (also remember the prices: OP8 Pro Β£899 / S20 Ultra Β£1299 / iPhone 11 Pro Max Β£1149)!

Ali says:

just test the snapdragon the exynos is not worthy of the ultra name

Joe says:

iPhone still awesome

Wilson Herbito says:

I love OnePlus

Himanshu Dev says:

IPhone has good color profile but it over saturates in videos and the edge detection is worst in portraits. The iphone has been out for the longest amount. The sensors in oneplus and samsung are better and bigger and need software optimisations. They will only improve with time.

Tanay Hulsure says:

exynos killed Samsung.

Gujjeti Roshan says:

Keep the price in the mind and buy one plus 8 pro who are not rich

Sigrid Lievens says:

Iphone, definitely πŸ™‚

Siddharth Asthana says:

Now oneplus just needs to work on the front camera capabilities. And future software updates will fix the any back camera shortcomings.

Dale Huhtala says:

Very, very, very disappointed with the S20 ultra…cramming too much technology and paper specs into the most expensive phone I can buy here…and it turns out so bad! This phone is $1,850 in Canada! I could buy an amazing DSLR…or a car…for that price! This is a major fail for Samsung…and I am a Samsung guy, typing this on my Note 10+. Very disappointed!

Freddy Mendoza says:

Lol the oneplus 8 pro camera made you look like a ghost.


Why is the ultra a little dark not obly in ur vids. Samsung must fix this.

Robert Asmus says:

Another great video. This is my new favorite channel. So glad I discovered it. To answer your question… All phones do well in some and not so well in others so I feel they are about even until…$$$. Although iPhone probably wins overall in quality the OnePlus 8 pro is so close enough that the reduced price makes it a winner for me.

Shahin Koobasi says:

Great vid thanks. I might subsribe to you:p
Question, was this video made before or after the 10.5.4 update?

amar asegaonkar says:

Who is clear winner & value for money….?

Urs Tej says:

Oneplus will release updates. cameras will get better.


You just stupid because you are fun of iphone . i followed all your videos admiring i phone. Δ° watched the real camera test from Mrwhosetheboss S20 Ultra was the best.

anchit989 says:

Iphone – We take best pics.
Oneplus – We make pink dudes look seriously white dudes.

christian Valdez says:

Iphone 11 pro max is still the best,..

V R Patel says:

OnePlus is the world best smartphone 😘

Mandeep Singh Randhawa says:

S20 ultra features & camera all rounder best phone

herrdirektor1969 says:

As if this channel has been living under a rock the last months.
Why review Chinese products?
Why indirectly support a mortal enemy ?
Why support a regime that has banned well known apps and platforms in its own country ?
You cannot even use this phone in a meaningful way in the country of origin. It boggles my mind to see such a naive approach. Yes, most stuff these days is made in China, but it has to start somewhere. Decoupling the rest of the manufacturing process will take some time, but why bother reviewing and spending a single cent on anything coming out of a country that has infected the world and killed countless people within months.

IncognitoYotta says:

iPhone holds best overall

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