Oneplus 8 Pro vs S20 Plus – BLIND CAMERA COMPARISON

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This video is about the camera comparison between Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and OnePlus 8 Pro and covers video test, zoom test, night test and night video test.

This is a blind camera comparison between Samsung S20 Plus and OnePlus 8 Pro to create an unbiased video.

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The Good man says:

good job samsung

TheBest says:

B better way better
Focus, dynamic range…

Jakub Płatek says:

B is way ahead of the washed out A colours. S20 seems much better, sometimes too contrasty but still better.

Michał Kamiński says:

Night time is way better on the S20. Camera B has sharper image and is brighter than camera A…

Imran Parkar says:

awesome i got the s20 plus.planning on uploading my own camera samples nd short video samples soon..awesome comparison..thanks…

Damon Salvatore says:

Samsung destroyed oneplus 8 pro

Rod Kelly says:

Hi, did you use the Snapdragon for the s20 plus or Exynos? And which in your opinion has the better camera/processing the Snapdragon or Exynos??

Meven CS says:

Mostly picked B

Keillen Davis says:

I like the "flat" pictures on the OnePlus the best

Thomas Campbell says:

Camera A excelled at night camera b had more details at day time

Guilherme Lima says:

A overall is the best.

Adhikary R. says:

In my view camera A has the most accurate color. The shots are crystal clear not overexposed.

Cheong Ph says:

I was surprised, I picked A as much as I picked B. I had never expected OnePlus to be on par with Samsung, mind the price gap!

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