OnePlus 8 Pro vs Galaxy S20 Plus Camera Comparison!

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The cameras on the OnePlus 8 Pro have seen a pretty huge upgrade this year, but can they trump the cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus? Watch to find out!

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ANDROBOT 9680 says:

12:30 Okay OnePlus night shot has a green tint and the image looks far better on Samsung then too you are going to say that YT compression has led to this and OnePlus was better
What shit are you saying?
OnePlus's image are not clean they look faded
YT compression has affected both images equally so still Samsung should be the better one.

garvit kalla says:

I think you reversed the results of images. Bcoz I have saw the same results of photo on op8 pro which you are showing on s20+.It has more capable camera hardware than op8 pro so it’s not possible. You cheated on results.

Divyang Kundaliya says:

I pick s20 bcoz of pro video mode

Gareth Tomlinson says:

Sam can you please not use the green background. It has a weird blur and is distracting. Maybe blow up the pictures to fill the screen?

Piyush Bhajbhuje says:

Why he is leaning review more towards OnePlus 8 pro even when s20 photos are much better.

nifran sn says:

@sam Beckman –
While taking potraits in S20 plus u have an option to use telephoto or primary lens. Using telephoto lens will give u croped images.

Francisco Rosário says:

Ok, I'm aware this is a camera comparison, but I gotta say, I have the exynos version of S10+ I brought in pre sale last year, great phone, also have buds+ and galaxy watch. But even tho I'm inside the Samsung ecosystem, I'm buying the OnePlus 8 Pro, mainly because it has snapdragon. That's what makes a huge difference to me. Phone warming up, battery is literally shit with 4H SOT at it's bests. I'm never going to buy another samsung phone (exynos).

יהודה אפרתי says:

OnePlus 8 pro👌

J G C says:

Are you from AU Sam? Just wondering how can I get one from here.

Ice Universe says:

S20 plus is king

Ron Cosby says:

Omg bullshit artist lol. I completely forgot my OnePlus tinted glasses for my 4k monitor.

Aiden Ritchie says:

So people know, the Samsung low light shots are brighter, but always a touch oversharpened and often really noisy. The OnePlus captures much quicker, is darker yes, but more detailed overall. (Used both myself, so I know without compression what these are like).

Simon says:

Fantastic video 👍👍👍
Always so well put together , relaxing and informative . Well done 👍

Khalid Barahim says:

If oneplus fixed that red magenta on the photos and also videos and tone it down to be cooler it will be literally a pixel deminor but up there with the pixel quality

subeesh Meenatheril says:

Hi Sam, Have you updated OnePlus8Pro to 10.5.6 software version when you had this comparison?

raju 001 says:

It seems OnePlus have wrong colors ( brown to gray)in ur shirt both in potrait mode(rear camera and selfie photos. In video it was same as s20.

L. Millinchamp says:

#OnePlus8 is 🔥, loving this content on my #OP8 💯

Vincent Prawira says:

Pics are too small for smartphone users to see

Aki says:

Watching on my s20+ was thinking of getting 1+.

Shakil Hasan says:

Biased towards OnePlus 8

Thamilchelvan vithurshan says:

Which would u buy ?
S20+ or oneplus 8 pro

Lover Of Tech says:

Nicely done matey. I should be getting my 8 Pro soon

CraigDIGz says:

He Glanced so quickly over the Night photos and even when he's talking about the one plus winning and the galaxy looking softer you can clearly see a win for the Galaxy. Just wow. The OP8 night photos were very hazy and the white balance was way off. Some images had a green tint

CraigDIGz says:

LOL in Low light the Galaxy Slaughtered the One Plus and you said the One Plus images look better !! Wow. I've never seen a more biased video if there ever was one.

Durgesh says:

one plus really need to work on human skin tone in front camera.. I liked S20 images most of the times.

Patrick says:

Why do make the pictures so small? You can make them atleast 20% bigger so we can see? Everything aside, great video!

CraigDIGz says:

So let me get this straight. When people compare the Galaxy to like the iPhone, the pictures are called contrasty and saturated and you always prefer the flater and more "natural" look of the iphone. Now the One Plus as the more processed saturated look and you perfer those? Going forward, keep your opinion and do a blind camera comparison. Half the images you said looked better of the one plus was actually way over saturated and not very pleasing. This honestly felt like a biased review.

Papa Muda says:

Samsung s20 Plus snapdragon yeah . but exynos ? MEHHHHHHHH

ajith george says:

This resolution is fantastic. I hope all youtubers follow it atleast 18:9

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