OnePlus 8 Pro versus Galaxy S20 Plus camera comparison

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This OnePlus 8 versus Samsung Galaxy S20+ camera comparison highlights the differences in the hardware used by both of these devices for their cameras. Take a look at the side-by-side photo and video samples to see how the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Oneplus 8 Pro capture shots in a variety of different lighting conditions.

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Mohammad waQas Khan says:

oneplus is better snapdragon 865

Sagnik Karmakar says:

OnePlus 8 pro is really nice…

Meissnerflux says:

Is it just be or is the s20 a step DOWN from the S10 in camera department???

bul hrangkhol says:

Samsung provide a sharp images

Ibrahim Shj says:

I have seen other review on one plus 8 pro but here its showing the camera is very weak compare to others 🤔🤔

cezzarmicu says:

I think i saw some skips on the oneplus's video when panning, ruins the whole feel…

Dude with a mood says:

Can you please review after the updates of the OnePlus ? as i understand there is a noticeable difference

Varun Kashyap says:

Please include some portrait shots in ur vid

james robert says:

Hats of for the complete indepth review.. I really Amazed about the ultrawide cam performance on both device.. especially oneplus ultrawide have more details.. Finally we can get same quality photo & video from ultrawide cam👍

Octavio Romero says:

Proud S20+ owner 💪, great video!

Jerry Webster says:

Hi. What kind of white speakers are those in the background? Just curious.

deepakdevvarrier says:

please compare Mi 10 with these

Thales Braga says:

S20 kicked some ass.

Ritchie Baxter says:

To me, one plus capturing laminated flooring pictures is poor with lots of detail lost. Only a few flower pics looked better then Samsung. I really wanted one plus to be as good as Samsung so I can buy it. Sadly I'm of to look at reviews of different phones now. ☹

Perfect says:

S20+ black ◼😍

Eakasit Suksakorn says:

Overall ss+1

Anshu_Shandilya says:

A/c to u which one is best

Protyay Sarker says:

i knew it … 🔥🔥🔥… s20+ … but is this Snapdragon or Exynos ???

Mali Dan says:

This is OP's best effort but they still have that robotic panning and can't maintain the frame rate.
I also don't like the way they seem to crop the f… out of everything, this seems like a deliberate effort to remove soft edges.

shanky verma says:

S20 plus wins but close game

Teofilo L says:

4k for selfie is definitely an overkill it's good to have but mostly a gimmick

Brian says:

Please when posting photos posting the shutter speed and ISO the camera picked can really tell a better story than the photo itself.

lifestyle stdio H says:

Not only camera after one ui in sumsumg has great change in software ram management user experience now better than oxygen os😃

Blacki Gangsta says:

I really want to buy the plus but here in my country but we have exynos chips soo nop for me

swarnadeep1990 says:

S20 has a better selfie camera. Be it day or night.
The main camera is almost same. Very difficult to differentiate.

also oneplus makes the colours a bit warmer (which isnt bad though)

Blacki Gangsta says:

exynos chip nop

Mampi Patra says:

Here samsung s20 plus is better.
But in dxomark rating samsung s20 get 122 score and one plas 8 pro get 125 points.
Is dxomark get money from 1 plus??

Nasz Hanafie says:

If you look closely, oneplus have micro jitters in video recording.

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