OnePlus 8 Pro | Unboxing & Full Tour | Best phone of 2020?

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Unboxing and hands-on OnePlus 8 Pro review, with a full tour of the specs, hardware and OxygenOS 10.5 software. From the quad lens camera tech to the gorgeous 120Hz display and impressive specification, here’s all you need to know about the OnePlus 8 Pro.

This premium smartphone boasts a number of upgrades compared with the standard OP8. For one, the camera optics have been overhauled. You now have a 48MP primary lens with IMX689 sensor, plus a telephoto lens and a 48MP ultra-wide shooter. The OnePlus 8 Pro can capture photochromatic pics, and HDR video too.

Speed isn’t an issue, with the Snapdragon 865 platform bolstered by 8-12GB of DDR5 RAM. There’s a mighty 4510mAh battery too, with wireless charging support. As for that mighty AMOLED screen, you get a QHD+ resolution with simultaneous 120Hz refresh support.

If you liked this unboxing, check out my hands-on tour of the standard OP8 as well. My full OnePlus 8 Pro camera review, tips and tricks guide and comparisons will be hitting the channel over the next week or so, stay tuned!


Enock Afful says:

Please on what platforms can I get to buy one?

muhammed hussein Jasim says:

I can not buy it😔😔😔

Akshay says:

Who is missing Geekyranjeet review

Paul G says:

Bit crap that the pro doesn’t some with a screen protector pre-installed when there aren’t even any available to buy from their website yet

Mukhlal Arya says:

Boycott chinese product

Xellaz says:

This would have been a perfect upgrade for me if it has expandable SD card storage. 😭

Richard McClure says:

Not a flagship killer any longer

paralelmind says:

I don't understand why the battery life aspect is treated so superficially by most tech reviews. That's one of the most important part..

paralelmind says:

Why compact flagships are not receiving love from most manufacturers?

Gokul Gokul says:

Sir can u gift me the phone please

Donny says:

really disappointed that the OP8 pro has an overexposed low res front-facing camera and a red tone to all of its rear-facing cameras otherwise I would probably pre-order it, do you think they will fix these issues in future software updates?

אוזן קשבת אריק לוי says:

you talk to fast it's not fun to listen but if you talk a little bit slower it will be perfect.

jj Sen says:

if you have the Pick between S20(Standard) and Oneplus8 PRO what would you choose?

jj Sen says:

if you have the Pick between S20(Standard) and Oneplus8 PRO what would you choose?

suhail yumia says:

Oneplus 8:i am the best phone of the year.
Asus :hold my rog 3

Isaac Rodrigues says:

One of the best smartphones playing one of the best series: The Haunting of Hill House

Himanshu Malhotra says:

How about a giveaway?

Gheorghita Melinte says:

OnePlus: Never Settle
Me: what's with the hole in my screen?
OnePlus: forget about it!

King of the Zodiac says:

If i will buy this phone how much is it in Philippine Money?

Marcin O says:

I would like it better if it had a flat or less curved screen

Иван Калашников says:

Tech Spurt what's the name of the Anime @05:55 ? please!

Mo Mo says:

No way!!! Redmi k30 Pro Zoom has the best quality ratio. It costs 530 Euros and for this money you get a very balanced phone. Flat screen, no holes, LPDDR 5, UFS 3.1, SND 865, 5G (for those in need) better battery, headphone jack, two photo sensors with OIS and many more.
If the difference of at least 300 euros can be justified, especially by the refresh rate of 120 Hz and the software installed on OP 8 Pro, then buy OP …

Syed Humza Reza says:

Most underrated channel. Loved the review mate

Aseem ASEEM says:

I guess you've sanitized the boxes before actually handling them with naked hands. It must have came directly from China. Thanks china for making me so cautious now a days


Show people you have an iPhone

R Ranjith says:

When u didn't get the mobile phone for unboxing..just copy the video footage and put your own voice…😂

TheKeyworkauditorium says:

did it come with a screen protector installed?

Per Arne Kleiven says:

I’m going from iPhone XS Max to OnePlus 8 Pro and I’ve been an iPhone user since the iPhone 3GS.

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