OnePlus 8 Detailed Camera Review

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Here is my detailed camera review of the OnePlus 8. I have been testing the cameras on the OnePlus 8 for the last few days, and after taking over 300 image and video samples, I have narrowed down 75 of the best ones for this camera review. After the recent update, the camera performance has improved a lot. OnePlus 8 is using the same 48 megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor as the OnePlus 7, 7 Pro and the 7T as its primary camera. But the ISP on the new Snapdragon 865 processor is supposed to give us better images from the OnePlus 8 compared to previous OnePlus phones. Watch the video for 75 image and video samples.
Make sure to check the channel back for OnePlus 8 vs OnePlus 8 Pro videos.

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TecworkZ says:

Here is my detailed camera review of the OnePlus 8:

Aryan Singh says:

Please compare it with S10e or S10.
I am looking forward to buy S10e. And please don’t compare it with 8pro. I want S10e/S10 (not S10+) vs Oneplus 8. 🔸🔹🔺

Techno Salesman says:

Subscribed, i found exactly what i was looking for in your content 👌

Instant Gaming says:

I am prefering to go for oneplus 7t suggest me it is a good choice or i should go for realme x2 pro 12gb variant.

Pratik sharma says:

Areyou planing for give away.
Please reply

vino Patthik says:

Do a camera comparison with mi 10 and one plus 7t will be a great help for me

rajesh kumar says:

Bro final question,I will think about OnePlus 8 purchase, some one told iQoo3 is better phone compare to OnePlus 8, iqoo3 available at 32k ? Which one to choose? Plz reply

Manan bhardwaj says:

Can you compare it with the iphone se
They are in the same price bracket and camera comparison will help a lot while making the decision of buying anyone of them!!

crazy life says:

Hey bro i found your content very good and helpful 😊, i was finding camera review of oneplus 8 , beacuse i was confused to buy oneplus 7t or OP8? I found portrait shot good without telephoto lens, and i think because it has great SD 865🔥🔥. And i think with gcam the portrait will even great👍 . But now i am confused in one thing that which color to choose? Black or glacial green?

Abhilash Kujur says:

Go for OnePlus 8 pro lekin isse mat khridna


Plz do camera comparison between oneplus 8 and Samsung s10 lite

Junayd A.A says:

How much do you think the camera can improve with gcam?

Amrit Dutta says:

Bro, can you port gcam 7.3 or any other compatible version and do a comparison between stock & gcam. That would be really helpful.

Pankaj Kurkute says:

Camera Camparision between one plus 7t vs one plus 8

Junayd A.A says:

I might actually consider this over the S20 (exynos) iphone 11 and pixel 4.. these phones are at the same price over here in my country and the OnePlus 8 is much cheaper..Should i?

rajesh kumar says:

Nice video bro…I think you are the first youtuber did camera review ..keep going.. I am looking for buy OnePlus 8 for long term usage , is it good buy?for long years, is it 6+128 GB is enough?

Luqman Hakim says:

I love the potrait shot from primary camera, it looks good! Not as good as google pixel but its getting there

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