OnePlus 7T vs iPhone 11 vs Samsung S10 Camera Test Comparison!

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Full 4K Camera comparison with OnePlus 7T vs iPhone 11 (not iPhone 11 Pro) vs Samsung Galaxy S10 / Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Including a 4K video Test, night mode, zoom, specs and more. Enter the Giveaway here: . (It’s free and international!)

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Mrwhosetheboss says:

Spent a lot of time figuring out a scoring system that was easier to follow, but still gave you more information than just me talking – if you do watch to the end, then let me know how you found it – feedback is always appreciated! 👊
Also, if you missed my Unboxing and Review of the OnePlus 7T:

Constantin Confucius says:

How can the audio recording sound quality sound similar to you?

F.U.N Limitless says:


Which mobile should i buy around ₹42000 INR, (India's biggest sale is also coming in couple of days)


Nishant David Charles says:

Samsung will always the KING …. no tech copy from others … It have its RandD

Ankit Sharma says:

As far as Samsung Galaxy is concern infront of APPLE AND the HYPED ONEPLUS. Then no doubt Samsung is really Greatest.

ben goode says:

Really appreciate what you did here and the new scoring system is much helpfully.

Irfan Afdzal says:

Keep in mind that the iPhone 11 has 1 less camera than the 11 Pro and the S10 and 7T have the same amount of cameras of the 7 Pro for one plus and the S10+ for samsung

Ronin R says:

Oneplus 3t also has that green stinge when taking night shots of skyscrapers.

abdullah abdulaziz says:

OnePlus isn't cheap anymore how can a 600 dollar phone be cheap

samuelrizal1000 says:

Thanks Aaron.. love you! Ahaks!!

Saad Malik says:


Bobama Patel says:

You are doing some great jobs.
Nice review. Keep it up

plasmaboy1997 says:

Galaxy squad, hit like here!

Ar Jun says:


Nikhil Somani says:

One Plus7T has a horrible camera, these artificial looking photos are just terrible to look at. As the point system and my personal observation suggests that if you are more into video get the Iphone otherwise S10 is no brainer.

Pradeep M says:

Scoring system is good

Syed Mohammad Ahmed Shah says:

Scoring system is better now thanks

Eric Thompson says:

In real life no one cares about camera's on phone's but you vloggers stop making camera comparison videos or even talking about them we don't care

Arun Syon says:

Still they support the iPhone when it has huge wobbles during 2:30. Make some negative comments on iphone because even that gets justified too.

Divyesh Sinha says:

I honestly liked the audio quality of OnePlus
It was very close to your mic used for narration
I couldn't make out that the audio changed to OnePlus

Sahil 0102 says:

Iphone pretty damn natural

Ángelo González G. says:

4 me the more accurate is the S10 and sometimes the iPhone. Saturation on the op7 is really too much. As always good comparison.

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