OnePlus 7T vs iPhone 11 Detailed Camera Comparison

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OnePlus 7T vs iPhone 11 Detailed Camera Comparison. You guys have been asking for this video since I posted the iPhone 11 vs iPhone XS Camera Comparison. OnePlus 7T has got one of the best set of cameras under Rs.40,000. But does it have what it takes to beat the dual cameras on the iPhone 11. Watch the video to find out.
I have included over 70 image and video samples from the OnePlus 7T and the iPhone 11, so make sure you watch the compete video.

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OnePlus 7T Detailed Camera Review-
iPhone 11 Detailed Camera Review-
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Niyas Niaa says:

Hi Sagar bro
Am planning to buy an iPhone 7
Am correctly using Redmi Note 7 pro.
What about the camera in iphone 7? bro is that a worthy upgrade (i use camera on occasional)

Bhavay Anand says:

He is using deep fusion version on iPhone 11 that is why the results are a little better otherwise OnePlus has a better dynamic range

Rahul kumar says:

Bro ur videos is Amazing , Quality content 😍

Arun Das K says:

Watching this video on my oneplus 7t which I bought for 31500, almost half of iPhone 11, still it gives tough competition to iPhone 11. I'm absolutely loving the cameras on op7t. Only con I could find is that telephoto lens gives highly over saturated and less sharper images compared to main camera. We can feel the color shift. Oneplus should work on this.

Ayush Mathur says:

Ok sir i hitted subscribe button and bell icon

Sakib Rezvi says:

Will you review Realme X2 camera ??

SR. Nakul says:

Where do u live in delhi??

SR. Nakul says:

Are 7 pro and 7t having the same camera ??

EU MESMO says:

Perfect vídeo 👏👏

Reggie Rizaev says:

Good review!

M J says:

well made video, get a phone holder so that the device doesn't shake while describing.. which happened at 0:56. & appreciate the 4K resol. 🙂

Q-Sup # says:

Oneplus 7T 💕💕

Day Light says:

Your Chicken Curry English si great 🙂

t!-!E Mo/!e Buff says:

Just use GCAM on OP7T and see how it blows away the competition; be it any apple or mango ! period .

Divyanshu Gupta says:

This was much awaited video love you tecworkz forever fanboy 😘😘😘😘 love your work

Manan Patel says:

Moral of this video iphone is best😍

SamTheCar says:

Thank you strange Indian man <3

Mzwandile Harmans says:

iPhone 11 👍🏼

Yashwant Samdariya says:

For video one 7 plus 3t much better colour than iPhone 11

Sohel Pathan says:

More 7t camera videos.With mate 30 pro,pixep 4xl,11 pro max and more

Prateek Arya says:

Pls camera comparison Oneplus 7t pro vs iPhone 11 pro

Debojit Mandal says:

Compare with galaxy S10 plus. And one more thing compare the one plus with g cam installed and then put against the iphone 11 and see the difference

Mohd Afeef says:

Compare gcam with OnePlus 7t

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