OnePlus 7T Unboxing and Review.

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My Full Review and Unboxing of the OnePlus 7T – including the OnePlus 7T’s camera, battery, performance, specs and more! Enter the Giveaway here: . (It’s free and international!)

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Mrwhosetheboss says:

You can expect the price of the OnePlus 7T to be at or around $599 – stay tuned for a full camera comparison tomorrow where we look at how it fares vs the slightly more expensive iPhone and Samsung equivalents

usman saleem says:

who's here just to listen his voice? πŸ˜€

Jayed-Al Sabit says:

One plus 7pro couldn't beat Samsung Galaxy s10 plus, compare one plus 7T with the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy note10 plus. From my point of it is not really worth plus 7T can't win against Samsung Galaxy note 10 plus 5g.

Red Mars says:

after watching most of your videos
I did realize something that you're becoming more thick compared old youπŸ˜‚..
that mean you're happy with your life

Evelino Sitoe says:

i would be very lucky to win an iphone 11 here in africa Mozambique! i wish good lucky 4 mey self

Haidar Alghareeb says:

It is gonna feel good, ladies u know the procedures !!

Vishnu Balakrishnan P says:

So normal buyers never get the huge box and it's contents?

Pandey Money Transfer says:

The best company Oneplus

TECH BRO says:

I really liked OnePlus 7t but there is a problem it needs to compete against Asus rog 2 which is a great phone with 120hz oled display and the snapdragon 855+ at the same price

Rapmyworld says:

asus rog 2 better…

Jacky says:

2:48 which game is that πŸ€”

Taylor Johnson says:

Adverts too long, now just skip.

Silver Button says:

How much it cost?

az zzy says:

As per MKBHD, cameras are same as 7pro. Why would you even want to compare the cameras?

Muhammad Suhhaimi says:

I want it ! pleaseπŸ™

Gautam Ankush says:

My oneplus phone's facelock gets unlocked by my younger brother's face almost all the time.. and since then i have never used facelock…by the way my brother is 8 yrs younger to me

Ashutosh saini says:

camera is not good ……

Dev Winchester says:

ASUS rogue II is better for same price.

ThatGuyJay says:

For anyone asking what the FPS game in the video is, it is called.. World War Heroes

Luca McKenzie says:

Everyone shitting on the the iPhone 11s camera, look at the one plus and Huawei mate 30 pro, they’re UGLy

vmac805 Zero says:

So dumb that you can’t buy it till the 18th of October

Nischal Thapa says:

It's amazing a

Rumi Khaled says:

Which bundle is this?…

Bhavvy inimerla says:

Watching this on my oneplus 7…I think I made a mistake πŸ˜’

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