OnePlus 7T Pro Camera Review | Upgrade vs the OP7 Pro?

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Full review of the OnePlus 7T Pro’s triple-lens camera, comparing it versus the OP7 Pro for photo and video quality. I’ve tested out those new features such as the updated Nightscape 2.0 mode, the Super Macro feature and the new stable video mode. So is the OnePlus 7T Pro the best phone camera of 2019 and a proper upgrade?

As far as the hardware goes, there’s no difference to the original handset. You once again have a 48MP primary lens with Optical Image Stabilisation, using Sony’s IMX586 sensor to capture images. At any point you can swap to the Wide Angle or Telephoto shooters, for a difference viewpoint.

After testing the OnePlus 7T Pro alongside the first Pro mobile, it’s clear the photo quality is near identical. The video results are very similar too, with 4K 60FPS smarts and respectable image stabilisation.

That said, OnePlus has added some new camera features like the new Night mode and Portrait option which can use that wide angle lens. You also have a very cool Super Macro tool, to grab photos of up-close subjects.

My full review of the OP7T Pro is coming on Friday and check out my comparisons with Huawei’s P30 and Samsung’s S10 Plus for a closer look at the hardware and software.


Ryan Deery says:

Great video as ever. iPhone user and really like this phone but the camera just puts me off.

Seazcv says:

6:31 Say my name!

Max Williams says:

What is the black dot on the rear?!

Josue Peralta says:

THANK YOU for the quick uploads!

sarthak agarwal says:

which one to buy 7t vs 7pro

Ygor Cortes says:

Does the front camera finally have autofocus?

Shashank Nayan says:

Will we get macro mode on op7pro??

G Legar says:

The video quality is not good. During the UK keynote they have showed a video and they said how good is the video stabilization. Seen your video I can see is not that stable.

Emaniac says:

Can you please tale some pictures of moving objects, like some one running by while u take a picture? I got the oneplus6, and the auto shutter rly sucks, i vant capture pictures with moving objects without its gerting blurred.

One 2 Infinity says:

Here are my thoughts,
3months ago one plus was my favorite smartphone makers,
But, One plus becomes so stupid now, why?
1. no new design
2. no 65w warp charge (at least 50w on McLaren)
4. no battery improvement
3. no 120hz
4. 5 phone a year!
Im so disappointed and their lunch event is boooooring as hell.they said they listen to us I don't think they listen to us now they only listen to reviewers….

Arkane says:

Will the macro mode and the super stabalisation features be coming to the OnePlus 7 pro?

PositiviTea Spill says:

Glad to see your channel grow by the day, you deserve it! Is the 7T Pro the same weight as the 7 Pro? Does it have subtler curves on the screen? I feel like they should've gone with a flat screen instead and a slightly smaller size. Oof.

Martee bee says:

Cold, price too high for a oneplus phone

Fury 0 says:

No 256gb version for the Oneplus 7t uk version? Disappointing 😭

MAni Singla says:

No difference between both I guess. What you all think?

vivek 31 says:

1st youtuber to upload 7tpro video

Rhodechild Centinaje says:

You’re the fastest to upload! Goodness! Hahaha

Abinash Mohapatra says:


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