OnePlus 7 vs Pixel 3a Camera Comparison – Which Phone Has the Better Cameras?

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Today we’ll be comparing the cameras on the new OnePlus 7 with Google’s new affordable Pixel phone, the Pixel 3a. The Pixel 3a is known for its great camera and we were wondering if the new OnePlus 7 can match up to it, or at least come close to it. The bigger question is – should you get the OnePlus 7 or spend a little extra for a better camera phone like the Pixel 3a?

We did an extensive camera comparison to find out the answer. In this video, we’ll show you what we discovered when we compared photos captured by the OnePlus 7 with the ones taken by the Pixel 3a. We’ll go through the pros and cons of the cameras on both the OnePlus 7 and Pixel 3a.

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Darío Rojas Silva says:

"Neither of the phones has optical zoom lenses" WTF man, the OP7Pro HAS a optical zoom X3

Siddhant Moitra says:

The thing is that pixel just has a single camera and it is able to beat a smartphone with 3 cameras only using software thats what makes pixel a true winner

Ania Kot says:

I just got the pixel 3a xl

I'd rather have Google spy on me than the Chinese I guess.

last cigrate says:

you don't know a thing about photography.

Prateek Bhatia says:

Oneplus 7 pro got oxygenos 9.5.7 which is said to improve its camera
Has oneplus 7 got that too?
if yes was this video shot after you got the update?

PRINCE Plz says:

Indian bullshit

Saurav Kunal says:

Pixel simple android with great camera…
While oneplus fast phone even charging and value for money

Piewdipie Felix says:

Pixel 3a for 39k 👎

Artistic Endeavors says:

You can have my Google Pixel C. I paid $800.00 for that pathetic paperweight!

user73o1u 81716 says:

why is this on trending

Sahil Arora says:

Thanks for the video man ! I just need the phone with the best camera and i'm definitely convinced pixel 3a would be the one for me

Joseph David says:

Hey! Selfie round OnePlus wins?wtf? No phone can even come closer to pixel's selfies.

Gardenflower says:

Compare brighter one plus image with darker poxel 3a image and certify one plus has more clear images.
Wow either ppl who support this stupid comparison are dumb or clearly uninformed ppl

MST Media says:

please subscribe MST Media

Mick Harrison says:

Should if tested the pro?

mr awesome says:

I have not even watched the video and I can already say that Google pixel 3a camera is much better
By the way watching on my one plus 7
Compare after the update for the one plus 7 has come it will be great

Kishore S says:

Wrong Comparison
he is talking about brighter image
then he talks about True to life
I think he is confused

Mahesh says:

Good but Hindi bolo bhai

Harish Sha says:

Watching on my OnePlus 7 😘😘😘.
Does anyone has the link of the stable gcam version for OnePlus 7 ?

SC SINCE says:

Good job keep going broh ☺️❣️

Mirza Rizwan baig says:

Let's talk camera
The end

Imaan Singh says:

One plus 7 has which update in this video ? Is it the latest 9.5.7

Rishad D'souza says:

I've got the Pixel 3a – it's an amazing all-round phone

jay vj says:

When will OppoRenoz launch in India 🇮🇳??..

Lj Lj says:

Have a 3a xl and loving it.

Paulo Viana says:

One plus 7 the best

Rj Rao says:

Getting my Pixel 3a tomorrow.! 💪

Vijit Vashishtha says:

Install gcam bro, then you get OnePlus 7 with pixel camera win win, i installed gcam 2 days back and 😍😍

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