Oneplus 7 vs Asus 6Z Camera Comparison |Oneplus 7 Camera Review|Asus 6Z Camera Review

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A massive camera comparison between Oneplus 7 and Asus 6Z with more than 25 sample shots and 10 video samples.

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Instrumental produced by Chuki


labhesh haria says:

Asus better hai yaar Kyuki Oneplus k phones ka SAR value Bahut Zyada hota hai

Kunal says:

OP7 also has same problem of over exposing pictures to a level wherein people look like cartoons in bright conditions?
I had OP5t n faced this issue in two phones, check the forums n it was a major issue but no one covered it.

Jatin Kumar says:

Oneplus is obviously a better phone. Asus tried to do alot better with this 6z. 5000mah battery is what we need right now. And yes who doesn't love that 3.5mm jack. I jst feel asus had AMOLED display. Dnt give in display scanner. It isn't required. Idk why it is trendy. Physical finger print scanner was totally fine.
Oneplus i hv a complain. Fine u ditched audio jack, bt u stopped giving jack to type-c connector in the box. Apple does that bcz they only think abt money. It was nvr expected frm u. Marketing is fine. But dnt market ur product to such extent that u increase the phone's price. Better is lower the price 2000 more. That will be more than marketing for u.

Roj 2 says:

How abt the lag and ram management

Santu Mondal says:

bhai vivo z1pro ka camera comparison realme 3pro ka sat kariya please.

Kiran Kumar says:

Bro your are one of the true YouTube reviewer , awesome comparison I am going to buy Asus 6z

abhi tavildar says:

Bhai plz make a video on these phone which is best

Rahbar Khan says:

Great job bro ♥️👌

Santosh Pawar says:

Redmi k20 pro vs one puls 7 pro

Jatin Patadia says:

Wer is the video comparison??

Mukul Mandolia says:

Bhai slowl motion rh gya


Your comparison review was awesome👌👌👌…keep doing more videos bhai…all the best 👍👍👍

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