OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung S10 Plus vs Huawei P30 Pro Camera Test Comparison

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4K Camera Test – OnePlus 7 Pro vss Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus camera vs Huawei P30 Pro Camera – Testing Night Mode, 5 times Zoom, Triple Cameras, Portrait mode, Ultrawide camera and more.

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Mrwhosetheboss says:

Stay tuned for later today 😉

skye gamrison says:

can u cpmpare oppo reno too?

Chris Papadopoulos says:

Great video as ever! Can you add a score table next time so we can see all the results easily together? Maybe at the end? thanks

Ilestun says:

OnePlus 7 pro microphone is not terrible, it is shameful.

Concerning the camera performances which are very bad at this price point I believe updates will improve it……but I don't believe the microphone can be improved.

Syam says:

So I'm confused btn p30 n 7pro. I was never samsung fan n nope to.iphone. wat u guys think? I like 7pro speed n photos but p30 has good zoom n night photos but the I heard the os is slow in p30 n that p30 doesn't get update quickly, also I'm in us so not sure if I will have any issues w huawei

Geeta Verma says:

Can you port google camera apk on oneplus 7 pro and make a video on the results?

Devil_killer one says:


Snahmoy Bose says:

Sony xperia 1 please

ravi gopal says:

For other companies they need 48mp and 40mp cameras but for legendary companies 12mp and 12.2mp is enough. by the way flagship is flagship


you have the best phones but by taking your pictures you make them the WORST PHONES

Naveen Kujur says:

I like s10+ 📷…

Mobile Motion Film Festival says:

Both OnePlus and Huawei come out very saturated. In the low light shots, everything goes pink. Samsung has a more realistic colour profile. So is this extra detail at the cost of this ugly colour?

Gaming With Raul says:

Cheating video

ravi gopal says:

I think they are keeping dxo marks in their mind because s10 is way ahead than one plus but he is forcing himself to say that one plus is good. But how much he say the s10 is way better in this video.

ravi gopal says:

Big win for s series this time they are rocking love my s10

Garry Sutcliffe says:

Should include the pixel

sarita Mahapatra says:

Who else got the flagship killer 2.0 ad

taher ali says:

Best 👌👌👌

Naveen Kujur says:

💖 from 🇮🇳..

OhayoR says:

awesome comparison! Very nice, thanks!

Adeeb Taja says:

I see that both mrwhosetheboss and SuperSaf have the best camera comparisons ever!!!

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